Race Report: The Capitol Hill Classic

As you know, I’m one week into the Mindy K summer running planning and I had 5 miles scheduled for this past Sunday.  MB, after his successful domination of his APFT and recent exposure to #alltheraces, mentioned that he wanted to do a 10K with me.  Never one to discourage anyone from racing ever, I gladly obliged and signed us up for the Capitol Hill Classic — easily one of my favorite 10Ks.  I ran it last year as part of my 30 races challenge with my homegirl, Michelle and I had run it 2 years before that when I was bicoastal and living literally right next door the the start {but then I locked myself out of my apartment and felt like I was going to faint from running too hard, but that’s another story for another time.}

Spoiler alert — MB did amazing!


MB and I had three goals for this race:  Goal A was to finish standing and smiling.  Goal B was to run 10:30 average.  Goal C was to run negative splits.   We got through Goal A and B which I think it pretty fantan.

We arrived, by car, to The Hill with about 35 minutes to spare.  Since we picked up our bibs downtown earlier in the week we didn’t need to do day-of packet pick up.  We did however, want to grab our sweet race shirts, our sizes were unavailable at Pacers during packet pick up. So I breezed through the line and and back to our car while MB waited for a the restroom.  Unlike last year, it seemed like day-of packet pick up and registration was much more organized.  So much so that the race started on time!  JOY!

I’m super sorry that I don’t have our splits.  I’m in the process of switching to a new watch and haven’t linked up the info with my online accounts yet.  So sorry.  Here’s a course map to make up for it.


 The course was better this year.  As you can see, down by the rive there on the right we were running through Ancostia Park rather than through the stupid RFK parking lot.  Let’s not kid ourselves, we still ran AROUND the parking lots, but at least we were excused from randomly running through it.  I really hope they update the course more to just avoid that awful parking lot all together.

I stressed to MB over and over again that he needed to pace himself.  He’s used to running short distances very fast, a strategy that will end in sadness at anything over a 5K.  He listened and stayed with me almost the entire time, but especially for the first half the race.  We went out a little fast for my liking — around 10:15 averaging around 10:20 for the 5K.  We stopped for a few minutes to MB could stretch and I could lose my long sleeve.  It was super humid that morning.

When we got to mile three, around the park, I suggested that we take the 4th mile at tempo to make up time going back up the hill past the Eastern Senior High School.  MB did a big push and we ran mile 4 in 9:40.  Yikes.  I of course, lost a lot of steam going into mile 5 — up the hill — but MB did great!  He powered up and waited for me at the top.  We slowed the pace way down for mile 5 and came in at 1:04:52 on my watch — 1:05 offish!

10403955_10203028213820695_7235090734760995604_o 10368857_10203028213740693_5759603841714432056_o

finisher!  at the finish line!

We triumphantly grabbed our snacks and stretched in the grassy park for a few minutes while MB regaled me with how great he felt and how much fun he had.  True story.  We had a great time together.  Sharing running with people you love is probably the best thing in the whole world.  After much prodding I admitted it was not my fastest 10K {once, when I was on speed or X or just having a really good day I ran a 57ish min 10K whatever} so MB vowed that he wanted to run more 10Ks until we beat that PR.  He also proclaimed later that day he wanted to run a 10 miler.


I happily informed him that he is totally a runner!

As such, we high tailed it to Arlington for some Cheesecake brunch with MSheed — racer’s choice!


respect the skirt.  and we need to talk about how obssesed I am with these pants.

Later that day we took a two hour nap and MB, the family’s new runner, got to pick dinner.  He picked Joe’s Crab Shack.  Sigh. Thankfully we had the s’mores cake for dessert which is just as delicious as it sounds.

photo (1)

I’m so proud of MB’s first 10K and I’m even more excited that I’ve finally tricked him into being my live in running buddy.  10 mile distance is next…I feel the first LNR+MB marathon on the horizon!  Imagine the shirts!  The hashtags!  The pictures!!

Do you run with people you love?

3 thoughts on “Race Report: The Capitol Hill Classic

  1. Sara @ Embrace My Space says:

    I’m so happy you and MB are running together. Matt and I have been trying to coordinate a do-together activity like this. He would like it to be golf, which I wouldn’t mind if he bought me all new turquoise clubs, cute shoes and only made me play 6 holes MAX! All kidding aside, it’s lovely to do something like this with your love. Happy for you guys! xo

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sounds fun! My husband was a track/cross country star in high school but now wants no part of running…and I ask him to run with me every weekend! I finally got him to sign up for a one-mile race with me. Baby steps!

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