Fast Mondays Weeks 1-3

Dude, who knew that running two marathons on successive weekends could leave a girl so tired?  Probably all of you but let’s all try to reserve judgement OK?  In lieu of judgement let’s look at this super awesome pic of a cookie milkshake that my homeboy Patrick concocted!


My post marathons training had me taking one week off and then running again in earnest, chasing a sub 30 minute 5K.  As we can see below not so good on the running but VERY good on the resting!


Here’s a breakdown of how things are going:

Weekly maintenance runs:  The plan calls for 2 mid week easy runs of no more than three miles.  This seems like it would be easy to get done but these are the workouts that I’ve found to be the easiest to just not do.  As this is not my first rodeo I know that I will be able to rely somewhat on the base from the marathon but this week, week 4, I’m resolute to get every single workout in.  No excuses.  Hopefully.

Weekly speed work:  It’s not really fair to be overly congratulatory that I’ve been hitting every single speed work out and totally nailing it each and every time because I have a lot of help.  And by a lot I mean teammates from the MCRRC who show up at the track every Wednesday morning at 5:30 AM and run the workout with me.  I know this is mutually beneficial for all parties but they aren’t training for anything specific right now.  Just running fast for the obvious benefits and seriously helping a sister out.  The first rule of running friends is never cancel on your running friends, a maxim that has made the 4:45 wake up really super simple so far.

Weekly long runs:  Good god have these sucked.  I’ve only managed to do two of them in three weeks and each one was completely miserable.  Part of the problem has been the relentless heat which as we know completely zaps me. The other part is MB’s sudden interest in the long run.  This is doubled edged for me because obvs he’s my favorite and I love being out there with him.  The downside is he runs WAY too fast.  And there is nothing more upsetting to me than trying to chase someone.  No matter how I think about it, I can’t ever mentally recover from the chase I can’t win which ends in a tantrum and some not nice words from yours truly.  This weekend’s long run was skipped because we were in Florida post wedding and I wasn’t budging until the sun and the humidity made 6 miles seem like 60.  We’re traveling for the next three weeks so hopefully the long runs, which I believe are super important even for the shorter distance, get back on track.

Cross training:  Like the speed workouts, I’ve been having a lot of success with cross training.  I’m into a little routine with lifting with MB, Pure Barre classes and the elliptical. One workout that I’m particularly fond of is the Lauren Fleshman abs routine.  I can already feel the workout getting easier which is awesome because that means it’s working.  I’ve been trolling Pinterest for some additional core work to do — do you have any suggestions?

How is your summer training going?

One thought on “Fast Mondays Weeks 1-3

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m the same way with running in the heat and sun. It totally zaps me. I try to get my runs in first thing in the morning before the sun comes up, but even earlier this week it was super hot and humid at 5:30 a.m. Gah!

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