Volunteer Report: The Indian Dash

The weekend after running the Pittsburgh Marathon, MB and I were up early on Saturday {much to my chagrin} to drive to Pennsylvania to volunteer for a race.  Um, excuse me?  My chagrin quickly turned into rage.  Until we got there and actually volunteered.


plus there were doughnuts.  so FINE.  I’ll help.

As it turns out, MB volunteered us through his office.  One of the NCO’s  kid’s school puts on this race every year.  The 11 and 12th grade sports management class organizes, plans and executes the entire race called the Indian Dash.  And all the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  OK, I got a free tshirt, there are pizza and doughnuts AND I get to man the refreshment table?  I’m totally in.


my 10-12th grade friends



MB’s grill skills were out of control good.

I was really impressed with the high schoolers that put on the event.  I have every inkling that races are NOT easy things to plan, coordinate and put on, never mind an obstacle race that’s modeled on the Wounded Warrior Project Warrior Dash {they call it the Indian Dash because it’s their school’s mascot!}.  But these kids, with the help of 1 teacher, pulled it off with aplomb.


get it buddy!10295203_10203129885922434_94270402027284315_o

student designed obstacles



The race, because they had exceeded their goal of 500 participants would last well into the evening with the last wave going at 5 PM!  So, our station {at which we served 5 hours} was rife with breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings for the participants and their families.  Again with the proceeds going to WWP — an organization near and dear to my heart.  They even invited two WWP alumns to speak at the opening ceremonies.


As you can imagine, by the end, what with the food, and veterans, and a nice day in the outdoors with MB I was pretty pleased.  The hour drive to and from was totally worth it.  I was totally inspired by the high schoolers and will be back to volunteer next year.

10348894_10203129887642477_5753172136122641704_o 10380164_10203129887602476_2509008378865017327_o

Have you ever volunteered at a race?

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Report: The Indian Dash

  1. rundoodlerun says:

    I love volunteering at races! I’m not such a fan of the early wake up call, but there’s just something about the atmosphere of the race and knowing that you’re helping others challenge themselves and meet their goals – bonus points if it’s something as inspiring as this!! That sounds like an awesome event!

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