Five Things Friday

Y’all.  There is nothing like a Friday where, at the end of the day, I get to see my Mom and Dad and spend the weekend in PA.  Only a few things on this list could top that kind of Friday!  Plus the new soda weekly report at the end of the list!

photo 4

guys guys guys guys guys!  guess what day it is?!?!?!!?!!?

  1. Today is D Day.  The Washington Post blog has some beautifully haunting photos of the invasion.
  2. Uhhhh.  Today is also National Doughnut Day, as referenced above, one that I think should be a national holiday.  Especially when I found out it has super patriotic roots.
  3. As someone who doesn’t have kids people will probably be annoyed that I offer any comment, but {sorry}  I think the question of a child’s right to curate their own content, from conception on, is an important one that no one is asking.
  4. When I saw Kate Grace featured in Runner’s World this month I was thrilled.  She’s one of my favorite pro runners.   Here’s her last interview with RW that got me to #fangirl status!
  5. Buzzfeed is my fav.  And I loved this list of 21 Things Track and Field Teaches you.  Because they are true.

Soda report

Since publicly vowing to give up soda I’m happy to report I’ve had 0 SODAS!  It might be challenging with our road tripping and inevitable eating out this weekend but I’m pretty committed to stick to iced tea — like I did earlier this week when we were out for burgers!

Unsurprisingly, everyone has been super duper supportive.  Big huge shout out to

  • My tinybig for checking in with me every morning via Facebook
  • MelK for this enlightening video that made me want to vom.
  • Katie and Esther for their texts keeping me accountable!

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