Fast Mondays: Help! He’s Too Fast!!

For the past few weekends, I’ve been running my long run with MB.  My long runs, as a result, have turned into the tattered ruins of what you might call a very short tempo run.  Bottom line, homeslice is way faster than me and as a result I’m getting wasted on my long runs!



You’re sitting at your computer asking yourself, Self, why doesn’t LNRB just slow down and run her own long run?  Great question!  Chasing people is the least  motivational thing out there for me.  Seriously.  I’ve read so many talented runners’ accounts of how reeling the runners in and picking them off can sometimes give them the boost they need to get ahead.  I have never ever felt this way.  Maybe I’m still to much of a novice but chasing people and trying to catch them always makes me feel slow, large and lumbering.  Even though I know I’m not going to catch him, just seeing him up there frustrates me to no end, making my run feel onerous — the one thing I don’t want it to feel like ever.  And yes, I’ve told him how chasing him makes me nearly implode.  His response:  well, can’t you run faster?

Well, OK, you’re asking yourself, why don’t you just run faster?  I do!  I promise.  I’ve been clocking around 10 minutes per mile on my long runs which is way way way too fast for me at this point in this cycle in the heat.

Hmm, maybe he can ease off the pace a little bit?  Sure, he can, for about 200 meters and the he’s off again.  MB is very very new to distance running and we all remember how impossible it was to pace ourselves at the beginning — we just ran like hell until we almost died from the effort and then learned to dial it back.  The problem is we never get to run the full distance {6-8 miles} because i’m bent over heaving and he’s exhausted so there’s no learning by doing here.  He’ll get it at some point but now is clearly not that point.

Fine — just quit running with him.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  I get so so so upset when this happens every weekend — it’s literally the definition of insanity.  The problem is, I love running with him {for the first three miles}.  I love love sharing something that brings me so much joy with the guy I like the most.  You know before I dissolve into a puddle of anger and vitriol, spewing profanities SCREAMING for him to slow down.

I am begging for any advice or stories you have about running with your faster mate in a way that will keep everyone alive, well trained and healthy.


13 thoughts on “Fast Mondays: Help! He’s Too Fast!!

  1. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    Have you considered running the first few miles together then letting him go? Whenever I run with someone this is what happens to me…and I understand the frustration! 10 min miles are rocking it in the heat!
    Does MB have a GPS watch?
    Can you bribe him to stick with your pace? 😉

    • lnrbailey says:

      Yes! Someone else suggested JUST this. I think it’s a must do. No GPS for MB but I’m hoping a bribe and a plan (he loves those!) will help!!

  2. AlwaysaBenannaAnna says:

    I’m with you. My husband runs faster then me. Sometimes he stops and walks until I catch up, and when I’m like 5 feet behind him, he starts running again. It’s like I’m chasing something I can never catch!

  3. Jill BF (@JillBF) says:

    We run a bike trail near our house- i have him leave 10 mins before me and then when he turns around we celebrate with a high five as we pass. another method we’ve used is parking at two different points along the trial and running towards each other. we have a swift key exchange & high five in the middle so we both have the right keys to get home 🙂

  4. hcook says:

    So interesting story about running with you mate. Matt went on a run one day when we were engaged, to start getting in shape. I said – we should do that together we’ll be so cute!! And so the next day we went for a 1 mile run – I thought I was going to DIE afterwards. And then he never did it again and I got sucked in for life. This in no way helps your situation except to say – he’s running with you for short while at least PLUS he’ll need do a race with us with a tutu (obvi).

  5. Jennifer says:

    My husband was a track and cross country star in high school, and I’m a turtle. He’s not a runner now but even though he just started running again after years of not running, he is still much faster than I am. I can feel his speed pulling him forward, while my slow speed tries to pull him back. One thing I’d like to try that might work for you too–can you do tempo runs or speedwork with him instead of your long runs?

    • lnrbailey says:

      I try to get him to the track but he resists the 4:30 alarm 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to figure it out soon!

  6. jleigey says:

    I can relate! Running with Dan is one of my favorite things, but he is wayyy too fast for me. He tries to slow down and run with me but I just end up running at too fast of a pace and dying early, which is frustrating for both of us. He has actually put his hand on the small of my back and tried pushing me up a hill before! Now, unless he was working the entire night before, we run the first mile together and have routes where he circle back to me.

    • lnrbailey says:

      Oh good idea! I also love that you two run together. It makes me love you more which I didn’t think was possible!!

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