On Tuesdays We Beat Cancer: Tutus and Updates and Giveaways

Running the Pittsburgh Marathon in support of LLS through Team in Training was really icing on the whole amazing consecutive marathons in my favorite place with my favorite, loving, supportive people cake.  One of the best parts of the race was running in my handmade tutu.  Jan crafted the skirt for me so that I could wear everyone who donated to my fundraiser with me whole 26.2 mile journey.  I was really surprised with how much attention my tutu got.  Children chased after me on the sidewalk, telling me they loved my tutu.  Tutus rock was a battle cry of many of the spectators.  And so many volunteers told me that my tutu was the best they’d seen {and they would know as I was bringing up the back of the pack!}.


wanted to devote a post to the people that made the cheers that I got possible and say one last big huge cancer hatin’ thank you!


Christine Ziemak

Erin Ziemak

Kirra Mediate

Jeff Smercani

Ali Maruca

Mark Balleteros

Sarah McDowell

Aunt Donna

Amanda Eberly

Stephen Holden

Anya Miller

Kate Hoit


Jessica Whichard

Aysha Puhl

Natalie Pendleton

Amanda Reighard


Erin Hazard

Luis Flores

Mara Rutherford


Katinka Podmaniczky

Brittany & Tom Randomski 

Hilary Cook

Sarah Levy

Nanny and Pop Pop

Marlene Worthington

Mom and Dad

Kristina Murphy


Megan Sheedfar

Samantha Bates 

Christine Rai 

Sara Bates 

 Jaime Lyon 

Marcy Borger 

Thank you over and over again for being so supportive and for being with me on that run.  Looking down at the hearts with your names on them gave me so much strength and joy — I will never ever be able to repay that kindness.

Speaking of strength and joy — I have an update from our favorite tri-athlete, Jordan!

As far as I can tell everything is going well.  On the fundraising side, I just crossed the $1,000 mark thanks in no small part to you and Kiara’s awesome fundraiser.  Folks have been very generous, and it definitely makes the training easier!
On the training front, I just finished a “recovery” week, which still included six workouts!  Now I’m heading into our first “build” cycle, which basically extends all the workouts, PLUS adds some interval training and speed work.  Whew.  Between that stuff and starting a new job last week, I am trying to cobble it all together, but having fun with it.
Our team training this past weekend was a good one, and I got the opportunity to share Brandon’s story for the mission moment before our bike ride.  Folks seemed to really appreciate it, and I was glad to get a chance to share the story with the team.  I wrapped up the weekend with 1600 meters in the pool last night, so I’m pumped for the new week.  Now if the weather could just stay like it has been, we’ll be all set!
Woohoo!  Now the fun giveaway part!  Anyone who donates a minimum of $1 through Friday to Jordan’s fundraiser will be entered to win a hand-made, made-to-order race tutu of your very own for your next race!  It’s easy!
  1. Go donate to Jordan’s fundraiser — at least $1!
  2. Come on back to my blog and comment that you donated.
  3. Or Tweet me that you donated!
  4. Wait anxiously for the random drawing of your name from the millions of people that will have donated to end cancer.
  5. Contact me to get that super sweet racing tutu made!

What color tutu would you want to race in?

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