Five Things Friday: Tutu Edition

Thank the gods of the old and new world that it’s Friday!  The internet was so full of the fun stuff this week.  Plus, a tutu announcement and an update on my soda intake!

photo (4)

  1. The Oatmeal genius, Matthew Inman, opens up to Competitor about running, the blerch and the fact that he was never really that round.
  2. Huffington Post reports that high knees are in fact the runner’s secret weapon.
  3. My homegirl, Krissy, new to Team Refuel {aka the Chocolate Milk Mafia} is totes famous, adorable and clearly the best.
  4. I watched the Chinese circus ballet peeps do Swan Lake and my jaw hit my desk.
  5. Did you know that you can take a restaurant tour of any of the joints at the Animal Kingdom?

Tutu Update!

This week, I was offering up 1 tutu to be raffled off to one lucky lady who donated to Jordan’s fundraiser.  Since he’s SO CLOSE to 50% of his fundraising goal and I really like making tutus, I will be giving everyone who donated this week  a tutu PLUS if you donate between now and 1 PM EST I will ALSO give you a tutu.  TUTUS for everyone!  Just make sure you donate on Jordan’s page and then comment here to let me know!  Congrats to the tutu goddesses that have already donated:

  • Hilary
  • Katinka
  • Sarah
  • Brooke

Can’t WAIT for you to donate and then to add you to the list of tutu wearing, cancer hating, awesomeness!

Sans Soda Update!

On Tuesday I celebrated one week being off the bubbly artificially sweet goodness that is diet soda.  Last night we were out to dinner and I had crushed two really hard workouts over the last two days and I really wanted to treat myself but MB stepped in, reminded me we are not a dog and we do not treat ourselves with food and drink so I had unsweetened iced tea instead.  I’ve actually been drinking a ton of the stuff at work and a LOT of water.  No more DC is win all around!

Do you want a tutu?!  Don’t forget to donate and let me know!

Happy weekend!

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