Fast Mondays: Fueled and Faster

I’m less than two weeks away from my goal race as part of this mini 5K training cycle.  One of the most important changes I’ve made to my workouts, other than speed and resistance training, is the way that I’m fueling.  While I’ve not gotten it down to a shareable science yet, I am pretty proud of the headway I’ve made and the outcome so far.  Here are the three things I’ve been doing differently and the two places I’m going to work on improving going into marathon training on July 1.

photo (5)

there will always be room for the occasional doughnut!

  1. Tracking what I eat.  I wish I was one of those chicks that can just eat what I want, knowing I’m eating the right portions and ratios of carbs vs. veggies vs. protein but I’m just not.  Rather than counting calories {because I am NOT trying to lose weight, just fuel better} I am closely monitoring portions and focusing on fruits and vegetables and proteins instead of my beloved carbs!
  2. Paying specific attention to what I eat during the day {read – at work}. I’m an emotional eater and I also eat when I’m bored.  Imagine how productive I would be if, every time I felt uninspired I started a new non profit or ran a mile.  Either way, my desk job doesn’t allow for that so cutting food out as a way to pass the time {in large part by being accountable for what I’m shoveling in my face} has helped me steer clear of unnecessary over eating.
  3. Food as treats.  I’ve had 3 people that I love and care about tell me — without prompting from the other —  that we are not dogs and therefore should not treat ourselves with biscuits and other foods.  I love love love this way of thinking about food.  I’m such a pleasure eater and I reward myself with food whenever possible.  This month has taught me to reward myself other ways {and when those rewards arrive I will certainly share them} and that food really is just the response to hunger.  I’ts OK if it tastes good but should not be the reward for anything.  {this is so basic that it’s almost embarrassing.  Thanks for not judging.}

The two vexing things about eating better for me are doing it in the evening and the weekends which is the part I’m going to work on as marathon training rolls around.  It won’t be hard, it will just be annoying to track dinners and cook and be cognizant of all the food not just the first 10 hours worth of every day’s nutrition.  But, as with everything this training cycle, what does not challenge us will not change us.  Right?

What are your favorite ways to keep your fuel in check while you’re training?

2 thoughts on “Fast Mondays: Fueled and Faster

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m interested to know how you are tracking your food– app, journal? I totally reward myself with food ALL. THE. TIME. Can’t wait to hear some of your alternatives!

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