LNRB’s Tips for Beating Back the Heat Into Submission Where it Belongs

Remember the Polar Vortex?  And how we literally could not WAIT for spring and — quietly, unspokenly — summer when we could wear tanks and shorts {some of you} and capris with abandon!  And we could run after 8 PM sans distinct fear of thugs, miscreants and the worry of mothers everywhere?  And we would be hot and sweaty and ACCOMPLISHED trail runners and outdoor warriors.

The time is NOW my friends and we are all loudly, unabashedly demanding that it get colder.  Immediately if not sooner.


headlamp, 350 layers, reflective gear, 10 degrees — CHECK!

I had a heat stroke in 2012 during the Pittsburgh marathon {so chic, I know} and here are the ways that I counter the warm weather runs that I think you would also enjoy!

These tips are literally everything I do.  They are literally road tested.  You’re welcome.

Pre run

  • Tell everyone you’ve ever met ever that you’re running.  In this heat — yes yes I KNOW! One of the best parts about being a runner is the awe {or sometimes vitriol or confusion} it inspires in other people usually nonrunners.  Telling them that you ran at sun up when the humidity was already at 100% or that you’re running after work in the baking 91 degrees full on in the direct sunlight {holla summer solstice} will definitely illicit tons of Wows and Better You Than Mes which will totally fuel your super hot run.
  • Drink lots of fluids, dress appropriately and slather on that body glidePreferably run with a friend.  Don’t be a dumb dumb!  You’ve gotta live to tell all those peeps how you literally killed it out there — not how the heat killed you.

During run

  • Complain loudly and often to your running partner or other runners you pass about how hot it is.  If you don’t do this, no one will know!  Sure everyone else is like totally drenched from just standing in the shade fanning themselves with those little paper maps they get on the tour bus when they’re dropped off at the Lincoln Memorial and your fellow runners looked like they just got out of the open water swim at Kona but you telling them how how hot it is, and how hot you are, during your run will definetly keep them informed.  The more you {they} know!
  • Dream of smoothies, ice cream bars and Dole Whips.  Tell others what cool treat you plan to inhale post run.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Also make sure you wear a hat, you have water or access to water to fill up your bottle and dump on your head and take plenty of walk breaks to make up for the heat.

Post run

  • Announce to everyone your mileage, time and the temperature in which you just ran.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Daily Mile it, Instagram yourself all soaking wet and triumphant, and definitely start crafting a piece for your blog.  Tell your spouse, coworkers, family {never tell family before a hot run, they worry and they’ll text you every 5 minutes “are you OK!” and that kills your mojo}.  Maybe take out a small ad on the metro, your local cable access channel or even your local paper.  The more people you can tell, the more meaningful the run.
  • COOL DOWN.  One of the biggest mistakes I make is I get done with my uber super way too hot run {did I mention it was hot this week and I RAN IN IT?!}  is come inside and continue to go about my day without letting my heart rate and my core temp get back to normal.  Walk it out in the shade, hit the treadmill if it is really too intense or just sit with your legs up.  It will do wonders for your recovery.  And for God’s sake have a huge glass of Nuun water, will you?!

How do you beat the heat?

4 thoughts on “LNRB’s Tips for Beating Back the Heat Into Submission Where it Belongs

  1. Laurie Bailey says:

    I beat the heat by turning the AC to 67 degrees inside and getting my heart rate up by playing Call of Duty on the PS4. Once in the car, I also have the AC at about 65 degrees. At work, they are sadists – our AC is soooooo cold, I have a little space heater I use to even out the temperature in the room to a nice working 70 degrees. Oh, and I drink LOTS of water. That walk from the parking garage to my office is a bitch though.

  2. Jennifer @ Running on Lentils says:

    LOL! Hilarious! I never complained about winter running and would just tell people “Oh, it’s not that bad!” when they were amazed about running during the polar vortex. But the heat and humidity–oh am I complaining! I run before the sun comes up, but that’s hard to do on weekends. I also hydrate out the wazoo and just go slowly. Maybe only the spring was really hot and it will cool down this summer…ha ha.

    • lnrbailey says:

      They are both SO HARD I think. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t super mind the Polar Vortex 🙂

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