Fast Mondays: Race Week

This week is officially race week for the race I’ve been targeting in my get faster mini cycle!

photo (6)

he’s so fast and his endurance is through the roof right now. oh and he had a root canal on Friday #gangster

It’s time for goals and a good old what’s next!

First, let me brag a bit.  I’m sure you’ve seen that we had an outstanding run this weekend on Culp’s Hill in Gettysburg.  It was an amazing, speedy run with MB that I am very proud of.

Mile 1 10:04

Mile 2: 9:35

Mile 3: 9:49

Mile 4: 9:42

Mile 5:  9:45

I did feel run hungover afterwards but I’m going to chalk that up to the hills, of which there were many and the inordinate amount of junk food we had been eating.  Yum!

Next, let’s talk about goals.  As I mentioned, I’ve been using the Runner’s World Mindy K 9 minute mile program.  As a goal race I’ve {foolishly} chosen the Pacers Freedom 4 Miler which is 2 miles downhill and then, of course, 2 miles up hill.  Like, the big Rosslyn hill for those of your familiar with Arlington.  Yikes.  Needless to say, the weather looks relatively uncooperative as well at a stormy 84 degrees.  As such, I’m going to set my goals in a realistic fashion.

A – finish at 36 minutes exactly

B – finish at 39:59

C – run the 5K portion of the race in 27 minutes

D – finish

Finally, I’m scheduled to run the Marine Corps marathon which means I have to jump into my next training cycle pretty soon.  Training officially begins on July 7, and thanks to the sage advice of many running friends, in addition to training again with the MCRRC I’ll be using the FIRST 3plus2 program.  I got the book in the mail this weekend and I’m already knee deep in the ways of running less and running faster.  Of course, I’ll some key races to target during this cycle including Akron and my person favorite, the Tower of Terror Ten Miler.  I’m going to cook up some really fantastic goals for MCM and most of them include being smart and fast.

So many training cycles kicked off for boss fall races this weekend — what are you training for?  What’s your goal?



4 thoughts on “Fast Mondays: Race Week

  1. Jennifer @ Running on Lentils says:

    I’ve heard so many people who use that book for training. I’ll be interested to follow your training and see you you like it. Why did you decide to use that plan–to focus on speed?I didn’t use training plans for my first 2 HMs last year (likely why I did so poorly!) so I’ll be using a Hal Higdon HM training plan when I start training in a few weeks.

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