Race Report: Freedom Four Miler

Spoiler alert: This race went amazing!  Let’s get right to it!


MB and I were up bright and early for the race start.  Leaving our house around 6:30 for the 8 AM start was perfect.  We arrived in Court House, got a primo parking spot and then MB, the master of all things running apparently, found a nice, clean public restroom just for us!  I took some time to stretch and warm up.  Then we wandered to the start for some water and to find my fav, Mandy!



MB recreates our selfie moment with Bart Yasso at Big Sur.  The guy in the background does NOT approve

I heard my name being called and looked over to see Jenn Hunt!  What a nice surprise!  Homegirl tackled that  uphill monster with her adorable daughter in a jogging stroller.  Beast mode.


A little national anthem action and we literally were off.  I don’t know if I missed the memo to line up but I fumbled with my electronics and tried to make my way to the frontish of the pack.  I quickly smooched MB on the way by.  I had a race dominate.

I’d say I handled myself pretty well.


The first 1.5 miles were all down hill, as you can see.  Mile 2.5 -3 was a slight incline in the full sun on the highway outside of Rosslyn.  I really had intended to hold the 8:50-9 minute per mile pace until mile 4 and then shuffle back up the hill but as you can see the sun literally wilted me.  I started to get really upset with myself for being so warm and missing my goal when I saw Mandy up ahead.  We also met MB at the second water stop and it was nice to know that the heat plus hill was not just of my imagination — my friends were feeling it too.  So, up the hill we went until we ran across my best running friend Laura who came out with her pooch Omar to cheer us up the hill!


Laura, you’re the best!

I crossed the finish line and glanced down at my Nike Plus app.  I think I hit a few goals!  As you recall, my goals were thus:

A – finish at 36 minutes exactly

B – finish at 39:59

C – run the 5K portion of the race in 27 minutes

D – finish

Totally made my B GOAL {unofficially as it turns out}.  Goal C was not far behind.


And goal D, never a given was also a huge triumph given the weather.

Later, we checked the official times and I was legit bummed.  I clocked 41:55.  I think I ran some extra feet because my app gave me 4.25 which is probably where the extra time came in?  Unclear.  Also, funny story — this is NOT my 4 miler PR.  That is held by my last race of 2013 during my 30 race challenge at 41:04.  Maybe targeting that race again, during weather that agrees with my better is in order.

Either way, it was a great day with my running BFFs and MB.  I also have a lot of running confidence now.  If I can run a 7:48 mile in the blazing heat, just imagine what I can do with a little more practice and control?  Bring on the next cycle!  Oh and BTW — Pacers races are still the tops!


red, white and AWESOME!

Have you ever nearly made a goal?  How was your race this weekend?

One thought on “Race Report: Freedom Four Miler

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot says:

    Nicely done! THAT FIRST MILE. Holy!

    I’m signed up for a 4 miler on Friday with my husband. It’s hilly and I’m pretty sure that most of it is uphill (I ran it in 2012 but I think the course will be different this year). We’ll see how this shakes out. I’m going to stick with the dude since he’s less that thrilled about running at 9am on the 4th of July. 😉

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