Marine Corps Marathon Training: Day 0

I like superdeeduper love when the marathon training cycle starts out with my favorite workout.


photo (2)

are you ready for like a week of Disney recaps and photos?  ME TOO!

Which is great because, as you probably heard, I just came off a 4 day whirlwind Disney vaca that consisted of over 35 miles covered a pied, tons of sun soaked afternoons and even a day of heavy lifting at the spa gym with MB.  Oh, we also got in at 1 AM and I had to be at work regular time while some of us got to sleep in and not do anything today — other than track down our lost luggage and missing keys.

No matter — today is actually a really important day in my schedule that will look like this for the next 16 weeks:

Monday:  Cycle (today rest, natch)

Tuesday: Lift, Swim or Rest

Wednesday:  Track work out

Thursday: Lift or swim (whatever does not get done on Tuesday)

Friday:  Tempo workout

Saturday:  Rest or Lift (whatever REALLY got left during the week)

Sunday:  Run long

It’s a 6 day-a-week workout that will be super targeted.  I read the Run Less Run Faster training guide in two sittings and am totally ready to hit this cycle hard.  I would be lying if I told you that just looking at the calendar and the workouts does not make me feel exhausted {my first long run out of the gate is 13 glorious miles!} but it’s going to be totally worth it, especially considering so many of my run friends are opting for this method and already loving it.  I say bring it on!  My goggles and suit are packed for a 6 am flop around the pool tomorrow morning and my bike trainer was delivered TODAY!  Hooray for training!

And now to continue my very important rest day work out — pass the cookies!

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