5 Things Friday – Disney Edition

If you follow me on social {see right sidebar} you’ll know that this time last week MB and I were working out at the spa gym at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World.  This week, obvs, not so much.  We had this tripp booked almost immediately after we got back from the WDW Marathon weekend.  MB is such a trooper when we travel for races and he remarked how he hadn’t been to Disney to just be there and have fun in 3 years.  YIKES.  We were long overdue.  I think the only real recap I’ll write is about the food because jesusmaryandJOSEPH it was good on this visit.  So, in lieu of a whole week of Disney recaps {aka pictures you probably already saw on Instagram} here are the 5 things that really wowed us at WDW last week!

photo (7)

we went under the auspices of our 5th wedding anniversary which is in August.

  1. Behind the Seeds Tour.  As many of you know, MB is a soldier scientist who also has a million little gardens around our apartment — he loves growing the plants and the science of the whole process.  Plus he’s like the most nurturing dude on earth so he’s really into those green little guys.  When I was looking for something special to do for MB while on our anni vaca I stumbled across the Behind the Seeds Tour at the Land in Epcot.  The tour was only $40 for a full hour of behind the seeds {so cute!} access to WDW’s greenhouse and bio/food lab run in conjunction with the USDA.  Basically they are GMOing the ish out of fruits and veggies to see what’s possible to make growing and food production more sustainable.  MB LOVED it and immediately bought a book on hydroponics and a tiny little plant grown in the greenhouse to take home and grow on his own.  He’s also since bought his OWN hydroponics set.  Thanks, Behind the Seeds!
  2. The Festival of Fantasy parade.  Holy SMOKES {literally} was this amazing.  Rapunzel has her own float, Anna and Elsa have joined in the fun, the song was amazing and the fire breathing dragon at the end? I have no words.
  3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios 4th of July Fireworks party.  MB and I are pretty obsessed with America so it was totally fitting that we were at our favorite place in America on its birthday.  DHS is MB’s favorite park so after a trip to Typhoon Lagoon in the morning with a quick stop at the MK for the parade, we hopped on over.  The entertainment and fireworks were amazing They had a live cover band all night and I’ve never seen fireworks that explosive and beautiful.  It was totally win and totally fitting of this great nation’s birth.  USA!  USA!  USA!!  {Also Alex was there with us so double win}
  4. The Magic Kingdom Rope Drop.  It was just as magical as I expected {I might have shed an excited tear} and getting on all the rides that we’ve never done {Pooh, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Carousel of Progress {i know i know}} without a wait of screaming children was pretty epic.  We missed Mine Train because the wait was an hour as soon as we rushed back and it was our last day and we were getting on a plane later that night, but we had a perfect time anyway.
  5. Drinks and Minzer’s and the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra.  MB and I wrapped up one of our evenings with the delicious fare of Minzer’s taking in our favorite jazz band on the planet.   Of course the band’s leader and I are totes BFF so we got a lot of hugs and how are yous which always makes us feel amazing.

How was your 4th of July?  Happy weekend, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “5 Things Friday – Disney Edition

  1. Sarah (@sparklyrunner) says:

    My weekend pales in comparison to yours!

    Best way to wake up your significant other? Sing “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day!” to him as his alarm goes off 🙂 Matthew LOVES Carousel of Progress 🙂

    • lnrbailey says:

      I was totally creeped out by TCP. Like totally. BUT I loved the song. I’m actually whistling it now. Thank GOD.

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