Marathon Training: Week 1

Dude.  DUDE.  Run Less, Run Faster is officially one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do.  The paces are literally breakneck. As in I want to break my own neck the work outs are so hard.  I did a lot of modifications mostly from exhaustion + heat.  I’m hoping that this week goes a tiny stitch better.  But I have to say it was not all bad, it’s just hard, and I’m not used to running being hard, I’m used to it being fun and relaxing.  I think this is just the change I needed to really whip myself into shape.


Monday — rest

Tuesday — bike trainer:  10 min easy 3 x 2 mins hard, 2 mins easy 10 mins easy — I don’t have any mile counters or heart rate monitors or anything so I just timed the workout on my stopwatch and did it by feel.  I was sweaty and my legs were leaden afterwards.  It felt amazing.

Wednesday — track:   3×1600 at 8:48 pace.  Uhhh.  So, my usually track homeboy the original IG was off on Wednesday so rather than get up at 4:45 to do the workout in the morning, MB agreed to go to the track with me at night. The first mile was fine at 8:59.  Then I hit the wall halfway through the the second 1600 so I ended up doing 5×800.  I hit:

1 – 4:23

2 – 4:36

3 – 4:22

4– 4:09 (!!)

5 – 4:29

Not too shabby.  I also did 400 recovery intervals as instructed plus a mile warm up and a quarter mile cool down.

Thursday– swim:  kick board 20 lengths.  MB and I scampered off to the the Germantown aquatic center where Katie and I did deep water running last summer.  The pool was super crowded but luckily I didn’t have to do too much other than kick my legs.  Which after 20 lengths is more exhausting than it sounds.  We got that workout done in about 30 minutes

Friday — tempo:  6 miles with 2 miles at 9:10.  LV and I met up with Joshy and hit this pretty hard.  I still haven’t perfected my gadget use but my moving averages for the 2 miles {which were replete with tons of walk and rest breaks} were around 9:20 if I have to guess.  We ended up with 4.5 miles which I was not in the least mad at after a week of bad sleep, heat and general chicanery.   Thank GOD for LV pushing me through or I would still be out there crying.

Saturday — rest

Sunday — long run:  8 miles at 11.  We got home from our gallivanting way later than we expected which only left me 2 hours of running time.  I didn’t want to be to buzzed so I opted for 5 on the treadmill with 10:57 average.  I’m pretty happy about this guy!

I woke up this morning barely able to put weight on my right foot my heel hurts so bad.  It’s too EARLY to replace my shoes and be feeling like this.  Hurumph.  I’m excited about this week’s workout and totally ready to hit my goal paces {which are ridiculous this week, completely ludicrous}.

How was your training last week?

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