Akron Marathon Relay Panera Team Bloggers

As you probably know — since I think most of you have muted these conversations by now — I’m like 900% obsessed with my #Team4PrincessesandaFrog aka the peeps I’m running the Akron Marathon relay with in September.  Like so obsessed in fact that, since most of them live in Pittsburgh, I become actually envious when they get together and run.  They are the best and I want to buy a big house in the country and start a running camp so we can all hang out together all day and eat doughnuts and run and never have to be apart.  {That is so creepy and I give exactly 0 Fs about it, OK?  They are awesome}

photo 1 (2)

holy mother I love these people.

My SWF tendencies aside, we have been having an amazing time communicating with each other AND the Akron relay communications team about our excitement for this race.  Our glee was clearly contagious because when the Akron Marathon started putting together a blogging team, hosted by Panera, they asked us, Team 4 Princesses and a Frog, to be part of the team.


My teammates have written about what this will mean in terms of hearing from us about the delicious training options that Panera has to help you fuel and how amazing the Akron Marathon is.  But here are the things you WON’T get from me since being chosen to be part of the team:

  1. You won’t see me eating 7 Panera cinnamon crunch bagels everyday.  You will only see me eat 1 maybe once a week but only because I will only photograph myself eating 1 of the 7 I plan to inhale and use #marathontraining as an excuse for the succulent bagel to become part of my daily training/nutrition plan.
  2. You won’t see me claiming I love my teammates so much I’m going to skin them and wear them.  Because that’s so creepy.  But you know wanting to move to a farm with them to run is not creepy at all.
  3. You won’t find out which leg of the Akron Marathon Relay I’m running.  Becuase I have no idea.  I keep forgetting and I’m afraid if I ask Captain Chelsea again she’ll kick me off the team/just straight up kick me.
  4. You won’t read about MB is going to Akron.  He’s excused himself from this one because of work AND he heard that we are going to sing a lot of Disney songs and he feels he has already hit his yearly max for marathon spectating + Disney tune sing alongs.
  5. You won’t see less posts about how much I love Akron and my team.  See #2 plus opening paragraph, because, obvs.

photo 2 (2)

and we take bad ass selfies, so we’ve got that going for us.

I’m looking for recommendations to branch out from my normal menu favs {see won’t #1}.  What is your favorite dish at Panera?

8 thoughts on “Akron Marathon Relay Panera Team Bloggers

  1. Steffany R. says:

    I freaking love you! I LOVE the Mac and Cheese. Like, love it a lot. I’m allergic to cinnamon but everyone raves about said bagel. You are running the fourth leg!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Laughing out loud still about #3!! BUT if you look at the picture.. we are lined up in order.. that’s your one and only hint 😉 Also — for breakfast I love their power sandwich.

    • lnrbailey says:

      PERFECT! Thank GOD. I should get this photo tattooed on my face so I don’t forget. Also YUM Power EVERYTHING!

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