The 2015 Race Calendar that Shouldn’t Be

In 2013 I promised MB that after I finished my 30 races I would take a break.  Then of course I registered for Big Sur and Pittsburgh back to back.  Early in 2014 as I was pounding the snow covered pavement I promised MB, after our weekly post-long run brunch at my fav Mexican spot, I would take it easy in 2015 with racing and traveling.  Then I got into Marine Corps {late 2014 but still} and THEN two of my dearest friends asked me a question I cannot under any circumstances say no to:


The answer is always unequivocally YES.  YES I WILL DO THAT.


Oh you’re running your fist marathon and you want me to be there for that?  Sure!


I got to run with you for your first race and now your first half?  Yes PLEASE!

When Hilary, pictured first, asked me if I would pace her through her first marathon I was honored.  I remember sheepishly asking my now dear friend and coach, Jeff, if he would pace me through Pittsburgh.  When he said yes — way back almost a year ago now — I remember the immense relief and excitement I felt.  Knowing I would have someone with me who had run the distance a time or two {If I remember correctly Pittsburgh was #30 for marathons, right Coach?} especially on that course made me feel so much more at ease about the prospect.  And then of course you remember what a kick ass time we had so I was right in feeling so elated when he agreed.  All that to say, I didn’t think twice when Hilary asked me.   So off MB and I go, right at the beginning of 2015 to Walt Disney World for the WDW Marathon.  This will likely be the trip of the year for us {MB is demanding that we cut down our vacations to like save for retirement?  Lame}.  We’re doing it up big by cheering on my favorite Dopey and Goof competitors in the half on Saturday, celebrating an awesome birthday all weekend, FINALLY having the Kitchen Sink with all my best running pals post marathon and then MB and I are going on the Disney cruise as a combined birthdays and Christmas gift.  Oh and you know, having the life long satisfaction of coaching one of my all time best friends in life through the most rewarding and challenging thing she’ll do this decade.  Win!

If that’s not enough, I got a quiet little email a few weeks ago from one of my dearest friends, Gina, who asked if there was any chance we could sneak down to Orlando in February.  She’s been training diligently to work up to a half marathon {after her 5K debut last year} and she was hoping that maybe I would run it with her.  What you ask?  The Princess Half Marathon.  Of course.  Again without thinking twice, I said yes.  Registration was yesterday and after a flurry of excitement, MB and I are confirmed for one more weekend jaunt to our magical hideaway to be with one of my fav people on her journey to loving the distance run.  It’s like a dream come true.

See, I think being asked to run with people, especially during big goal or firs time races is akin to what I imagine spiritual people feel when asked to be a godparent.  It’s important to them to share what they’ve learned, to be a sherpa of sorts, to get them through the highs and lows that this new endeavor will likely present. {And please don’t go getting your knickers in a twist because I  compared running a marathon to like the holiness of god parenting, please #nodisrepecttobenaffleck}.

Now, I’m going to be a woman of my word {which I normally am except when it comes to running and traveling apparently} that I’m done with my 2015 schedule.  I might go for some local half marathons {PR buster Rock N Roll Half in March maybe?} but otherwise, give me a good local 5 and 10K and call me satisfied.  OH and maybe the Pittsburgh relay.  That’s probably it.  Probably.

Have you already started booking for 2015 race?

12 thoughts on “The 2015 Race Calendar that Shouldn’t Be

  1. Steffany R. says:

    I was really looking at Rock and Roll DC half next year. We might need to make this a thing! Plus running the Pittsburgh relay will be a super breeze for us! I’m only doing one full in 2015, giving myself a break!

  2. Entirely Amelia says:

    It’s never enough! I’m already thinking about what my race schedule will be like next year.

    And besides, saving money for retirement is silly when you can just go to Disney instead!

    • lnrbailey says:

      Exactly, A. If anyone thinks for a minute that retirement DOESN’T mean moving to Orlando at age 65 and serving ice cream at Beaches N Cream clearly hates me and wants me to be unhappy.

  3. Sarah (@sparklyrunner) says:

    I love everything about this post. And it perfectly describes why I’m super pumped to run DC Divas (which was NOT on the calendar!) with my friend Jen because said she wanted to run Princess as her first half but couldn’t because of the $$ involved. So we are dressing like Princesses for Divas and pretending we’re at MK 🙂

    • lnrbailey says:

      Sarah, if you need me to create a cardboard cut out of the Cinderella’s castle and hold it while screaming my face off for y’all just let me know.

  4. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    I’m joining you when you retire! K? K.
    And you are a rock star! Better tell MB that when I do run my first full I will need you there. But it won’t be in 2015, so the pressure is off there 😉

  5. Jason says:

    I think you’re addicted 🙂 I definitely have my eye on some 2015 races already and I’m trying to qualify for a 2016 race!! So maybe we’re both addicted 🙂

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