Marathon Training: Week 2

I have to say that week 1 left me feeling a little nervous.  Were the paces for my 3 runs too fast?  Would I fall into the trap of only doing my cross training and giving up on the runs and then completely bonking at the marathon?  Why is IT SO HOT?!?

Obviously, I need not have gotten myself so spun up so early.  Week 2 went fantastic and gave me a really good boost to hit week 3 as hard as humanly possible!

Diptic (2)

Monday — bike trainer & core:  10 minutes easy, 3 x 1 minute hard 3 minutes easy, 10 minutes easy.  God I love the bike trainer.  This workout and the next few are pretty simple so I try to take the hard minutes super seriously like I’m running a 100 or 200 on the track.  I modified my favorite core workout {read:  I skip side planks} and did each move for 1 minute.

Tuesday — rest:  And by rest I mean MB came down with the monster flu so I was taking care of him and buying groceries so we wouldn’t starve.

Wednesday — track:  4×800 with 4:16 goal, 400 RI with warm up and cool down, too.  As you remember, last week I modified the workout to do the 800s rather than the 1600s.  My fastest time was 4:09 but that was with a little break after the first 400.  I was seriously doubting being able to hit my goal of 4:16 but the weather + rest day = awesome that day on the track.

Thursday  — swim:  12x 1 swim 1 kick.  I was exhausted by the end of this workout.  Mostly because I skipped the rest intervals and I was trying to sprint the swim laps.

Friday — rest:  MB and I were both rocking the summer flu {he worse than I, we went to the ER to get him some fluids} so we took it easy.

Saturday — tempo:  1 mile w/up 5 miles at LT {9:36} 1 mile c/d + lifted arms and back and core.  I killed this with 10:04 average and hitting every one of my tempo miles at a 9:31.  I did this on the treadmill which I think makes controlling the tempos so much easier than out on the road.  I think that actually doing the workouts outside though will help control my speed and not let me get crazy too early.

Sunday — long run:  9 miles average 11:16.  Obvs I was exhausted from my workout the day before {RL, RF says not to  go back to back on your running workouts and now I know why}.  I started really strong and then faded hard.  The sun and humidity were back and I slept in way too late.  I’m still proud of exceeding the 11:16 goal with 11:01 average.


1 – 9:59

2 – 9:41

3 – 9:42

4 – 10:39

5 – 11:30

6 – 10:44

7 – 11:12

8 – 12:43

9 – 12:55

In Team Panera bread news, we went to Panera post long run yesterday because I was ready to FUEL!  I tried their new BBQ chicken flat bread.  Holy AMAZING!  As you can see I beasted every bit of it.  MB got some chicken noodle soup — the first real food he ate in almost a week!  Win!

Diptic (1)

How was your training last week?

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