Fuel Your Better: AKA The Most Delicious Energy Bars Ever

Full disclosure:  I don’t like energy or sports bars.  I equate them with the diet bars that I used to eat obsessively in college that tasted mildly like candy bars and mostly like cardboard.  When I became what I now consider a more serious runner, I have continued to turn my nose up to almost every type of well loved and respected bars:  PowerBars?  No thanks.  Cliff bars?  Gross!  Picky Bars?  Ok, I guess but only because I really want Lauren Fleshman to like me.

When I got the opportunity to review the Vega Chocolate Coconut Almond  energy bar to Fuel My Better, I figured I would just be able to tolerate them and then my bar-loving spouse would have another box full of treats to fuel his workout.

Oh how wrong I was!

photo 1(1) copy 2

From Vega:

Each function-focused bar features:

  • 27 g carbs from whole food ingredients
  • High and low glycemic carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy
  • 1 g Omega-3

OK!  Sweet!  But honestly, what matters to me, is taste and consistency.  I took my bar out for a spin on my second long run of my fall marathon training cycle.  I thought about the bar the whole first half of the run — mostly about how I hoped it was tasty and palatable otherwise that second half home was going to be long and grumbly.  I busted open my bar at mile 5 — and YUM!

The consistency was that of a brownie — A BROWNIE!  It was moist and chewy but didn’t feel overly processed or gross {like some other bars I’ve tried}.  Because it had been in my backpack on a hot day, it was a bit melty which was a welcome surprise.  It was so filling that I had to wrap it up and eat the rest after my run.  On my long run this week, I cut that sucker in half and took it in a baggie to reduce mess and not tempt me to overfill on the tasty treat.
photo 2 copy
blurry action shot aka I’m so hot and tired I can’t function my phone.
MB tried one at my behest on Sunday after he lifted.  He was equally pumped about his bar.  Which now means I have to hide them.
photo 3
I give these bars a solid A.  They do exactly what they say — sustain your activity — and taste and feel delicious.  I kind of wish they came in half servings for my own selfish runner needs — but it’s nothing a knife and a ziplock can’t solve.
Do you use energy bars?
Thanks to Sweat Pink and Vega for allowing me to try these tasty bars free of charge as part of my Sweat Pink membership.  All opinions about taste, consistency, my inability to work my phone and my desperate desire for Lauren Fleshman to like me are, as always, my own. 

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