Marathon Training: Week 3

They say, when life hands you lemons, grab your tequila.  But this past week, I grabbed my car keys and my dog and headed for the hills.  The hills of PA where I hid out and completely screwed up my training schedule for this week.  But, on the bright side, I ate at Panera after a tough tempo run so that makes it way better.


I love that baby.

Monday – bike trainer and core:  10 min easy 5 x 1 min hard 1 min easy 10 mi easy.  I love the bike trainer.  I also love Olive to Run’s core workout.  And by love I mean want to punch myself in the face.

Tuesday — rest

Wednesday — rest

Thursday — rest {oh brother}

Friday — track:  ladder.  As you maybe not be able to tell up there in the photo I totally nailed it.

1200 — goal 6:30 6:07 actual

1000 — goal 5:22 5:22 actual

800 — goal 4:16 4:10 actual

600 — goal 3:11 3:07 actual

400 — goal 2:06 2 flat actual

I was so destroyed from the week, and being around every single person in PA that had the stomach flu, I thought this would be a nightmare.  But it was amazing.  I loved every second of this workout.

Saturday — tempo: 1 mile easy, 5 miles at 9:36, 1 mile easy.  Average pace 10:06.  I nailed the 5 miles at tempo thanks to the viewing of Hercules on my iPad.

Sunday — rest {yikes} although I am making up those 10 miles AS WE SPEAK, split over 2 days.

Things are looking brighter this week so I’m hoping to give a cheerier and more on point training update next week.

In yummy news, MB’s tummy is back to normal so after my tempo run, we headed to Panera.  All I could think about was the BBQ Chicken flat bread.  We also split a cinnamon roll {thank GOD}.  MB has the lobster roll sammie.  It was as big as his head, seriously.  We are loving refueling at Panera.  Being part of the team is literally the best thing about this cycle!


How is your training going??

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