Marathon Training: Week 4

Oof. This week was tough. Workouts aside, we’ve been dealing with some pretty lame {which turned into pretty awesome} personal stuff. Which sometimes makes workouts even more awesome — sometimes it leaves you feeling defeated and gross. I was somewhere in between.


Monday — long run: 10 5.8 miles actual at 11:08 pace. I’m really not proud of this. As a marathoner, I KNOW that in order to be successful on race day I have GOT to get it together and hit my long runs. This week was nearly impossible with my melties, etc.
Tuesday — bike trainer:  30 minutes easy. This was my favorite workout of the week. 30 minutes went by really quickly and even though it was supposed to be easy, I took a little bit of my angst out on that trainer. I also love watching my trashy TV shows as a reminder that some people willingly have more ridiculous lives than I do.
Wednesday — track:  5×1000 5:22 goal. I meandered to the track around 9:30 AM. Even though our weather has been cooler and way less humid, running on that track was a slog. After the warm up and the first 1000 I sat down on the track and sobbed. I lay on the infield wandering about my life and as I was screaming and crying the sprinklers came on and I was soaked. Which made me laugh hysterically — the universe is hysterical that way. I promised Twitter I would be back later that evening to finish what I started and I did. The workout that might have defeated me turned into a great confidence booster. As an aside, I find 1000 repeats to be hellacious. Give me a 1200 or an 800 ANY day but man those 1000 are impossible.

1 – 5:04

— 9 hour break —

2 – 5:10

3 – 5:15

4 – 5:18

5 – 5:31

As you can see by the end I really cut myself some slack.  I was moving and I loved it.

Thursday — swimming:  20 kick laps.  I ended up doing 35 laps, mostly swimming.  Since I was there in the afternoon I had a lane all to myself and went nuts.  It was  my best swim workout to date.  I felt strong and in control, not just rushing to get it done.  I need to figure out, in the coming weeks, how to recreate that feeling every swim.

Friday — short tempo:  goal 9:10 average for three miles + warm up and cool down.  I finally got the good news we were waiting for on Friday and so I had a celebration dinner not to be late for.  I jumped right into my tempo run and killed it.

Mile 1 – 9:03

Mile 2 – 9:03

Mile 3 – 9:13

Mile 4 – 10:00

I missed the warm up but still felt really strong and happy.   Then I ate #alltheliquidcheese


sis in law in a BAMR band, weird stretches with Kanga {sorry this is obscene} liquid cheese celebration and some long run killing baby snuggles.

Saturday — rest.  I crushed a Panera bagel {asiago cheese, no spread!} in order to get ready for Sunday’s long run.  We also drove 10 hours to Ocean Isle North Carolina.

Sunday — 11 miles at 11:15.  I actually only ran 4 miles.  I KNOW I KNOW.  I’m with my whole family in NC and I could not get off the couch from baby snuggles to get it in before it got super hot.  And it stormed all day, mostly.  And then my sister in law offered to go with me {!!!} and I wanted to take advantage of the company without abusing her offer so 4 it was.  AT 10:38 average,  mind you, which somehow makes up for the 7 miles I flagrantly skipped.  It felt like a really serious effort in the heat and humidity.  While it wasn’t enough miles I’m glad I got in what I did instead of skipping it all together.  I’m going to try to make it up this week.  Maybe.

Event though it wasn’t the best mile-wise, it was a great week workout-wise.  I ended it happy and healthy and still excited about the training during my week off from real life here in NC.

How was your week?

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