Five Links Friday

Hi y’all!  First thank you SO MUCH for the love and support after I decided to defer MCM this year.  It really reinforced for me why I invest so much into the online running community — because just when I need you, you’re right there.  I’ve been laying low — taking serious time off from training of any sort, enjoying my time with MB and some other fun life things.

I honestly can’t wait to get back to training full time — likely next week.


someone is having a bday party this weekend that MB and I are VERY excited about

  1. My home girl, and Team Panera/#TeamfourPrincessesandaFrog teammate, Sarah, over at Sparkly Runner posted a little refresher on race etiquette.  Now’s a good time to read up!
  2. The Fug Girls trotted out their worst dressed list from the Emmys.  And it’s everything.
  3. I absolutely LOVED this article about my generation {and a lot of others who are savvy with their electrnics} — we remember life before and after the internet.  I then proceeded to subscribe to Quartz emails.
  4. To say that I’m excited about the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover is a little bit of an understatement.  Stop judging me.
  5. Now that I commute to work via my car I listen to a lot of NPR News and let me just tell you — the world is completely F-ed.  But this story about the slithering stones in Death Valley made me giggle.  It also made me think of my favo Bart Yasso running the Badwater ultra race through DV.   Yay Science!

Weekend — get it friends!!

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