On Tuesday’s We Beat Cancer: Wednesday Edition

Dude — this week is short and I’m so confused about what day it is so here we are.

Regardless of what day it is, i have some really awesome news about kicking cancer’s ass!

photo (1)


in case you were wondering that shirt does say All You Run is Your Mouth.

My friend, Jordan, that we heard from earlier not only races this weekend I’m so proud to report that he decimated his fundraising goal.  I literally could not be more proud of Jordan.  So, as he preps to race the Nation’s Tri, head on over to his Twitter page and leave him some positive race day thoughts!

Next,  Malin — also a friend and relative of Jessica is Jordan is participating in the Tri.  Hop on over to her page {where she exceeded her fundraising goal!} and check out her inspiring story.

Oh, and then there was the whole bit where I cut my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  About 10 inches later I hope that someone, somewhere who’s struggle is more real than mine will ever be, will enjoy those brown locks.  In the meantime I’m so into my hair-do.  And of course I’m already growing it out for the next round.

Last — but certainly not least — I hinted at some very good news from Team in Training last week.  I’m so so happy to announce that I’m going to be a Winter Mentor for the Team in Training of NoVA for the Rock N Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in New Orleans!  We have our first meeting this week and I cannot wait to regale you what mentorship entails!

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