Five {Times Two} Things Friday

Earlier this week I was tagged by my friend M over at Read Eat Write Run to share 10 things about myself.  I love Ms. M — she’s a super dedicated and accomplished athlete and best of all an incredibly supportive friend.


i miss these faces.

Plus I love anything that harkens back to those AOL surveys you used to send your friends that you already knew everything about.

  1. When I was a kid, I didn’t know how to spell my middle name.  Nicole is a hard one for a kid, OK?
  2. MB and I have known each other for over 10 years which means I’ve known him for a third of my life.
  3. I got kicked off of Facebook in 2006.  Details upon request.
  4. I prefer rap music over every other type of music.  2Chainz is a current fav.  JayZ is my all time fav.
  5. I bought my wedding dress before MB proposed.  It was a good deal.  Shut it.
  6. I gave up running once when I was super sad.  It seems counter intuitive but obvs I’m super glad I’m back!
  7. I have tattoos.  I”m getting another one.  Details upon request.
  8. I feel guilty I didn’t serve in the military after September 11.
  9. I’m super bad at crafts.  Everything I try to make looks ridiculous.  Like always.
  10.  I talk to one of my dearest friends every day.

I”m supposed to tag other people but I want you to know I’m not mad if you don’t do it, Sarah, Steff, Krissy and Chels!

Happy weekend!!

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