LNRB’s Unequivocally Perfect Run Jams

I find that most runners go through phases with music.  Most of us start out absolutely needing our tunes, then after we run for a while, we find we’re not as dependent and it becomes a great way to stay calm or get pumped up.  I use music, after almost a decade of running, to pump me up before races or tough training runs.  And here’s a secret:

My fav run jams are all about running — or they talk about running.

Here are my top pump up run jams!

  • Run It!  Chris Brown featuring Juelz Santana — dude, I’m sorry and I know that CB hits people like all the time including recently but I will forever love his first single.  And I neeeed it to nail those 800s.  Sorry not sorry.
  • Run The World (Girls)  Beyonce — Uh.  I dare you to watch this video and not bust out a tempo run/question your life choices.
  • Run This Town JayZ featuring Rhianna and Kanye West — This is just one of those songs that makes me want to run the streets of DC endlessly.
  • We Run the Night Havana Brown and Pitbull — anything that Pitbull does makes me happy I have ears.  His songs also make me want to hit the treadmill.
  • We Run This (Stick It Cut) Missy Elliot — Stick It is a cinematic triumph, Missy Elliot is amazing and we, do it fact run this Scroll to 1:10!
  • Love Runs Out One Republic — this has been my summer go to running jam.  I love me some One Republic.  Also this video is ridiculous.  You’re welcome.
  •  Run Around Blues Traveler — You’re welcome.
  • Ready to Run The Dixie Chicks — this one really helps calm my nerves.  I’ve always loved the Dixie Chicks, they’re the best.

What are you go to running songs {and YES I know i omitted Bruce Springsteen — we’ll all survive!} to get you pumped up?

4 thoughts on “LNRB’s Unequivocally Perfect Run Jams

  1. Mike van Mil says:

    Great playlist! I man have to high-jack it except for the Dixie Chicks and Blues Traveler lol. One of my fav’s from this year is Pompeii by bastille that tune always gets me pumped! My wife love running to anything David Guetta!

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