A Weekend in the Woods

Every year, MB and I go to Shenandoah National Park to hike, sleep in the comfy cabin and eat all the delicious food.  We have made this a tradition since our Tiny Moon in 2009.  Every time we go, we find something new and beautiful to do or see.  You can see photos from previous visits here.

photo 1_3

We had a wonderful time, again this year mostly because of our new couples activity.  Running of course.

First, we did our go-to hike, Dark Hollow Falls.


photo 2

Then, we got ourselves cleaned up and went for dinner at the Big Meadows Lodge {our favorite place to stay, by far}.  We had a delicious dinner and then tucked into the Tap Room for our favorite ice cream pie.photo 3

photo 4

We also made new friends!  We shared seats by the fireplace with a set of brothers who where hiking from the south of the park to the north over 120 miles of AT hiking.  They had made it half way in their allotted week.  They were very kind and interesting.  We stayed out way too late, drinking Virginia wine and listening to the Sweet T band.

Sunday came in bright and we set off for a run around the Big Meadow.

photo 2_3

We managed 4 miles around the meadow in the cool, crisp mountain air.  It’s downhill for the first half and the second half was brutally uphill in the thin air.

photo 2_1 photo 3_2

Despite sucking wind, MB and I had an amazing run.  I’ve been trying really hard to be patient with my body since I’ve decided to not run the Marine Corps marathon.  Since then, I’ve cut way back on my mileage and other weekly workouts.  It seems to be working.  I’ve been seeing lots of fantastic runs with great numbers.  I’m working hard but I’m not killing myself and I’m really starting to feel better.

photo 3

that was this morning — when I felt like I was dying.

After our run, we had our delicious breakfast and then headed off to hike.  We didn’t do the mileage or altitude gain we wanted but we still had a beautiful afternoon.

photo 1_4

Stony Man is awesome. 

We drove the drive and rested our legs, proud of run and our hikes and super pumped to come back next year.

photo 1_2

Then MB saw a pay phone.  History.  Nature.  Running.  Win.

Do you get your runs in while you’re traveling?

4 thoughts on “A Weekend in the Woods

  1. Jennifer @ The Final Forty says:

    These are beautiful pictures! I’ve never actually been hiking, believe it or not! As far as training, I know exactly what you mean…there are so many times when I end up pushing myself too hard and it’s actually hindering my runs/performance. It can be so hard to find that balance of what works best for you/your body!

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