Race Week Training Update

Guys.  It is RACE WEEKEND!  In two short days I will be reunited with my Akron Marathon team, part Team Panera, all team #FourPrincessesandaFrog.  You can follow our hijinx this weekend at that hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!


wait.  It’s going to be amazing.

I’d like to give a special shout out to teammate Sarah who is rocking a fractured foot and will still be out there cheering her heart out.  THAT is teamwork.

After we run in Akron on Saturday morning, we are going to pack up and head back to Pittsburgh to wake up on Sunday and run the Great Race, again as a team.  This is extra special for me because it’s the first time I had met Jeff in person.  Frien-iversary!!

So with all this running and racing {my first major races since crossing the line in Pittsburgh in May}, here’s what my training week looks like these days.

Monday:  60 minutes of body pump.  One of the best parts of my new job is its promiximty to Gold’s Gym which means I can get back to my all time favorite gym class, body pump.  I love love love this low weight, high rep approach to strength.  The first week, even with way scaled back weight from where I was a year and a half ago, I could barely move.  You’ll be happy to know I’m much less sore, and battling my way back to serious strength.

Tuesday:  3 mile run with LV.  We’ve been killing these runs with a steady 10:30 pace — right where I’d like to be.

Wednesday:  30 minutes of body pump

Thursday:  45 minutes bike trainer while watching my favorite reality TV shows:  Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Don’t be Tardy, and Jersey Belle.  Don’t you judge me.

Friday:  rest or another 3 mile run

Saturday:  3 mile run if I didn’t get it in during the week

Sunday:  Long run.  So far it’s only been 4 miles but I’m planing to step it up starting with this weekend racking up 11 miles over two days.

As I get back into a rhythm with my runs and my new class schedule one of those runs will be back at the track and I can’t wait.  As an aside,  I’m loosely following the Jeff Galloway WDW Marathon training program which is easy and fun.

How is your training going?

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