RIP: Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Guys.  My favorite runDisney race of all time, The Tower of Terror 10 Miler, did not make it onto the rD schedule for 2015.  It took me a week to grieve and I appreciate your patience in the process.  Despite my overwhelming sadness, I wanted to share, in memoriam, the highlights of this year’s race.

Running with Mara and Sarah


10733581_10204058546618371_7839017814959614502_o 10633256_10204058546578370_2836362105711220256_o Mara, Sarah and I have had some great adventures.  When Mara mentioned she wanted to run Disney I immediately cajoled her into the ToT.  Sarah came along and we had the best time ever.  I really think that this smaller, shorter distance, night race was the perfect intro to runDisney.


Running in costume



1090913_10204058541378240_3167851702515289525_o  1093909_10204058541338239_6018093100325559587_o 10355863_10204058541298238_1576433168278939844_n - Copy (2)

I’m no stranger to the Sparkle Skirt or the running tutu but I’d never gone in costume.  Jan whipped up these adorable Alice in Wonderland tutus – I was Alice {rocking the Big O burn out tank on top}, Mara was the White Rabbit, replete with ears, pocket watch and poofy tail, and Sarah was the Cheshire Cat.  We looked adorable.


Night racing the DHS and the Villian’s Bash

I love the Hollywood Studios, especially at night.  It’s so fun to end up in such a pretty park with the light twinkling and people out in full force supporting.  The Villian’s Bash has always been a fun time.  This year, unfrouantely, the lines were super super long {which is a huge shift from the last two years when we only had to wait about 5 minutes for all the popular rides}.  It was a bummer but we did start in the last corral – I think that had something to do with it.



The medals

Spring loaded action – the best!

1606358_10204058546498368_290193370556255249_o  10630577_10204058546538369_1847089305079604384_o


Treat, eats and family

I traveled again this year with my mom and dad.  MB couldn’t make it and Msheed was there to cheer us on at the finish line and have tons of fun with us all weekend.  We ate the tastiest treats {cinnamon rolls and ice cream for everyone} and had the best time.

10549167_10204058548178410_1183881702981399358_o 1966172_10204058548138409_3888673505782452872_o 1901176_10204058548218411_3384856630900557830_n 10734042_10204058548258412_7825852885862753379_n


I hope that after the construction is done at DHS that ToT comes back.  But if it doesn’t dear ToT please know that you will always have a special place in my heart.  You were truly too brief a treat.


Have you ever had a severe meltie when you fav race got cancelled?

Oh also — RIP Maelstrom.  I didn’t really like you but a lot of people did and I get why everyone’s up in arms about your demise.


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