WDW Marathon Training: STARTS RIGHT NOW!

A chat with the ever fabulous Princess Pendleton of Team Princess 1983 recently.

NP:  i’m signed up for the country music half in April but that’s too far away, i need a sooner goal.  i’m having a bit of a year-post-marathon-funk-depression
LNRB:   i completely understand.  i’m just about to write about how i need to get my ass in gear for my next race bc i’ve been feeling the same way
NP:  when is your next one?
LNRB:  WDW marathon (gulp) in 13 weeks
NP:  holy balls – 13 weeks????
LNRB:  uh yes probably time to dust off that training plan and i don’t know run a little?
NP:  hahaha 🙂
Right, the marathon.  In 13 weeks.  As NP says:  Holy balls.

I think I’ve finally FINALLY started the long slow crawl out of my post marathon burn out from the spring.  With the deferment of MCM firmly behind me I really need to start looking toward the future.  And the future, my friends is 26.2 miles of magic in my happiest place on Earth.  Instead of freaking out — which is what I usually do — I decided to break this down into small incremental goals that I can achieve rather than just tell myself TRAIN OR DIE which results in a guaranteed crash and burn.  Below is my step by step plan to WDW Marathon greatness.
  • Commit to a plan.  Right now I’ve got 3 plans going which, as we remember from last cycle does NOT work.  I think I’ve finally settled on a plan that I found online that give me 13 weeks, starting with a 25 mile week and slowly working up to one 20 mile run.  It’s 4 days a week of running but let’s be real, I’m a runner.  I run.  I think this will be OK.
  • Cement the goals.  This marathon will be  different as I’m pacing Ms. Hilary to her first finish rather than focusing on my own wants and needs.   So, my goals will be way different and I need to cast them in cement to ignore the allure of a PR.  My goals are:  FINISH, smiling with Hilary standing beside me.
  • Enjoy the journey.  This marathon will be tricky because literally almost all of my dearest BRFs will be in town running and we have a lot of celebrating to do.  There’s a Kitchen Sink reservation, we’re staying at the Grand Floridian {park side, where they pipe in the Wishes music during the fireworks} and, my favorite, MB and I will be boarding the Disney Dream the Monday after the marathon — it’s our combined birthday and Christmas gifts to each other this year.  But, I need to get in a head space that allows me to be excited for all those super great things but using my training runs as building blocks to get me up and over the mountain so I can enjoy them.  It worked this past spring and I’m hoping it works again.
  • Get new gear.  Nothing inspires me more than a few pieces of very expensive spandex.  I’m thinking this, this and ohhhh maybe this.
  • Get my body in tune.  I’m making an appointment with the podiatrist today and I’m tackling a new life fueling plan.  These two things will hopefully get me to the starting line healthy and way happy.

Training starts next week!

How do YOU get yourself out of a funk and into a groove with a new plan?


8 thoughts on “WDW Marathon Training: STARTS RIGHT NOW!

      • lnrbailey says:

        Ack! That’s awesome! I can’t wait for you to do your first half. It’s life changing 🙂 I’m also a HUGE fan of doing birthday race goals as you may or may not know ❤

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot says:

    YAY WDW! I’ll be there (for the half) and while my training hasn’t really STOPPED, I feel like I’m just working on the mileage rather than the speed. That’s okay, I suppose… but I would like to get a wee bit faster. Maybe hit a PR there? Hmmm.

  2. Mike van Mil says:

    Can’t wait to run this race! My plan is to go Dopey in 2016 with a friend of mine before we turn 40! So I’ll be interested in seeing you r recap when you finish! Enjoy! #KeepSmilin 🙂

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