An Ode to Steff on Marathon Eve

One of my BRFs, Steff,  is running the Columbus Marathon this weekend.  I have been following her progress and training closely on her blog, Insta and Twitter.  If you haven’t seen all of her awesome you need to get after it immediately.  Her commitment to performing her best during the whole cycle — not just the race — has been really inspiring for me especially at a time when I feel a little marathoned out.

Steff and I are online friends turned IRL friends.  Honestly, without Twitter {and specifically Jeff for bringing us together in WDW} I would have been intimidated to waltz up to Steff at a race and be BFF.  She’s a FAST woman who runs for the Oiselle flock and starts in corral A.  For like marathons.  So I doubt I would have had the chance to even see her.  But the beauty of Steff as a human being is that she is completely open and loving.  There is no ego or judgement.  She is helpful, supportive and oh so fun to be around.

And that’s why, Steff, I {and probably half the internet} wish you so much love this weekend while you dominate Columbus.  I would wish you luck, but you don’t need.  You’ve put in the hard work mentally and emotionally — you’ve already made your own luck.


She’s right there in the middle.  GO STEFF.  We are all behind you.  Literally ❤

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