On Veterans Day, To the Veterans That Mean the Most


Before there were marathons and 30 races and tweet-ups there were two, then three and then four veterans that were literally coaching me through the marathon of life.  There were lunches, and long {LONG LONG LONG LONG} hours. We had happy hours, Washington post articles, countless tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts, meetings.  Did I mention the long hours?

The most important thing I took away from working with this awesome group of vets —  the thing that I take from job to job and can apply directly to the things that matter most in life — is the value of the people that spend your time with.  People that share the same values and want the same things.  They taught me that the titles and money don’t matter.  If you’re surrounded by unfailingly loyal people that are supportive, wildly intelligent and ridiculously passionate, you are already successful beyond measure.  And, this is important on a day like today, the only way to say thank you for their service is by not saying it at all.  It’s by showing it in the work that you do.

As such, I think of them a lot when I’m running.  Gutting it out in a race I signed up for.  Willingly.  I want to work hard and be better because that’s what they would do — push to the limits and then turn around and say we can go further.  In every person I meet, most recently in my amazing teammates and my ever growing run family,  I look for the outstanding qualities I found in them, that they helped to cultivate in me.  These are some of the things that keep me running.  I owe so much of my success to their friendship.

So, today,  I won’t say thank you.  I’ll just keep churning out awesome — just like you taught me.

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