Caution! You Will Get Wet

There are three things I’m not super into:  standing, being nude and being wet meaning showering is like my least favorite thing in the world.  It’s no wonder, then,  that on Sunday morning after crossing the finish line of my third Wine and Dine half marathon, when MB FaceTimed me from a remote location he found his shivering, sobbing wife on the other end.  What’s wrong, Lauren?  I GOT WET! I yelled at him.  And not the fun, Kali River Rapids wet.  The awful soaked to the cold tutu-ed bone had to run 13.1 miles in the dark may get wet

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But let’s be real.  No one wants to read about 13 miles of whining.  So I present the super duper positive from Wine and Dine weekend, because there were a lot of positives.  As usual.

First and foremost the best thing about runDisney are the people that rD events attracts.  There were so many meet ups:  a shake out run with my brother from another mother, Patrick and new friend Hannah, Krissy’s cupcake meetup, and of course chilling with all my loves pre race — Matthew, Sarah, Nathan, Amelia, Danielle.

10608569_10204228961038625_1354118476342752496_o 1410753_10204228960278606_4299380482979036716_o

can we talk about how the weather was perfect all weekend.  except Saturday night?


that i have no photos of the other meet ups is a shame.

I also had the distinct pleasure of spending the weekend with one of my best friends in the entire universe — Hilary.  It was a very special weekend because this was the celebration of our decade friendiversary!

10380612_10204228980159103_2485134076788222824_o 463750_10204228980239105_3221072634562675543_o

Hilary also introduced me to her friend from high school, Liz, and her friends from life.

The other thing about the runDisney races is the food.  I love Walt Disney World for a variety of reasons but one of the best is the variety and quality of food.  I had the best, warmest, scrumptious-iest cronut after the the race.  In the rain.  It made my life.


I also had the single best cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing after my shakeout run with Patrick.  And of course, Hil and I had ice cream, after our massages, on Sunday.

10624047_10204228991999399_6925394837795535550_o 1465743_10204228981079126_6973105432191870434_o

So, did I have the worst race of my whole life?  Yes.  Was it miserably wet and cold?  Yes.  Did my heel feel like it was going to fall off?  Yes.

Did I love every second of it?  Yes.

Were you at Wine and Dine? Have you dried out?  Have you ever raced in the rain?

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