So Thankful

Listen, I know it’s trite to write a thankful post and then post it on Thanksgiving.  But as I reflect on this last year of running all I can think of are all of the things that I am thankful for.  So now you have to read them.  But at least after this you can eat a piece of pumpkin pie.

Most importantly I am thankful for the people.  Running more than anything has given me people that I would never have otherwise met.  My running friends are the most friendly, talented, loving, supportive, FAST, awesome.

10504800_10204058751863502_8390476140672302023_o 10676175_10204259895771974_4209793009668295142_n 10502353_10204228980199104_8241025957417156858_n 10608569_10204228961038625_1354118476342752496_o 767995-1024-0020s photo 2

1795223_10203962694702133_7197980901267417752_o 10710316_10203962605219896_4394684751825462025_o

i love this picture.  Matthew COULD NOT with Sarah standing on the scooter.  this pic is hanging on my wall.

What’s even more exciting is turning my already life besties into running friends.  Its an amazing thing.  I love it almost more than running.  Almost.

katinka 10679884_10204058546658372_7937426090794386956_o photo 2_1 FullSizeRender 33971_10101527518467603_120706170_n 1398397_10203028213780694_338184651381263854_o photo 1 618

These pictures literally make my life.  All made possible by running.

My family — Jan, Paul, Eric, Amanda — have been awesome.  They help with fundraising, they come to races, they PARTICIPATE in races, they ride on long training runs, they make medal racks and tutus.  I couldn’t do it without them.

photo 5 767978-1512-0025s 10275525_10203130015805681_423788827446687962_o 10603837_10203962410695033_8138657354382249639_o 10734042_10204058548258412_7825852885862753379_n

Of course, I’m way thankful everyday for MB who makes these running adventures possible.  From driving to cheering to literally bankrolling — he is an unbelievable constant.  I’m obsessed with how awesome he is.

photo stpattys 181295_10200785180866273_88783121_n

Friends.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you do all the turkey trotting, pie eating, relaxing and hugging.  Hugging is important.

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