My {Recovery} Holiday Run List

The last two weeks have been ca-ray-zee!  There is so much decking the halls and training for a marathon, awaiting MB’s arrival, trying to rehab this stupid Achilles tendinitis.  You know the normal stuff.  My family is starting to ask for my Christmas list.   My focus has really been on recovery and so as I’ve been making my list and checking it twice and waned to share the three things you need to get your runner to make sure they stay fit and healthy.

1. Pro Compression anything

In this case the calf sleeves.  I ran 16 large on Sunday and some serious calf tightness.  After stretching I was concerned about my calves tighetning up which, while rehabbing my Achilles means a lot of soreness and hobbling.  Luckily, with Pro Compression’s help, I was able to rock these sweet calf sleeves as part of my recovery during the day after that long run.

FullSizeRender (2)

As you can see there was a lot of max relaxing being done — sweats and all.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m  happy to report that the morning after my long run, which normally involves a lot of hobbling about the house and crying, I was hobble free, thanks in large part to my compression sleeves.  I could not recommend these bad boys enough for every runner, but especially someone rehabbing an injury or just hyper-conscious about avoiding one.  I know a lot of runners avoid compression because they aren’t sure about how or when to wear them.  I can assure that there is no bad time for your Pro Compression sleeves or socks — but for me it’s all about the post run {either long or intense effort} to speed up recovery.  And lucky for you you can grab some Pro Compression for yourself or the runner on your list for 40% with the code PINK2 through December 15!

2. Foam roller

The foam roller and I broke up a few years ago, mostly because it hurt so badly.  Now that I’m going to PT and the foam roller and I had to get back together, I can’t really stress how important it is for every runner of every distance of every experience level to foam roll.   Turns out {and you all probably knew this already} but keeping everything loose from the hip down to the tip of your toes will keep all your runner bits functioning at top performance.  I honestly bought the cheapest foam roller from the little shop in my old office building.  Some people have the fancy one with the little spikes.  I would check with your runner first to see what kind of FR they need or want.  They can check out how to use via Runner’s World — my go to.

3.  The stick

Like the foam roller, The Stick and I totally broke up because OUCH.  But now that I’m PTing like it’s my job, I’m all about the stick to keep those muscles loose.  I have the standard 17″ travel stick.  I’m pretty much obsessed with it.  It’s super easy to use — just massage those muscles for about a minute each, I do mine every other day — and you’re all set.  Your runner needs this stat.

These three sweet recovery tools are definitely going to make your runner’s holiday merry, bright and full of recovery.  Which is the best!  Don’t forget to use your PINK2 code for 40% off some Pro Compression socks or sleeves.

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