Hooray!  On Friday, before my 18 mile weekend I got cleared by my physical therapist to be done with physical therapy!  I did my last set of workouts and then my PT did a re-evaluation.  I was so pumped that when he tested my ankle mobility, my range of motion with my foot and the strength of my legs everything passed on both sides.  I have improved both legs, sets of toes and ankles to 100% satisfaction.  I still have a little bit of lingering pain in my heels after an hard or long run and when I get up after sitting down after a workout my heels definitely hurt but it’s not nearly as intense as it was before therpay.  My PT explained that I’ll have the pain in my foot until I can get custom inserts.

Luckily, I got two new pairs of stability shoes {gone are the years of the minimalist shoe} so, in the meantime the pain has been seriously minimized.

Here’s the lesson in all this friends:  stretch every day.  Three days of strengthening a week.  I’m going to start with two and build up to three as my training and schedule permits.  I feel like such a dummy for not following all this good advice earlier but that’s my favorite thing about running.  It is constantly teaching me and therefor I’m always learning.  And running never takes me more than it gives.

Here’s to ending the year on a high, injury free note!

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