2015 Calling!

I love the new year.  Not the pay $300 and then take a $400 uber downtown in a $150 dress to be around 1,000 people I hate new year.  The actual change from one year to the other.  I like reflecting on the past and hopefully, eagerly looking forward.  Looking forward is my favorite part so let’s talk about what 2015 has in store for yours truly.


it’s tough when the new year has to out do things like this


I plan on scaling back racing a lot this year.  And like actually scaling it back, not just saying I’m going to scale it back in December and then run 17 races (over half of what I ran last year).  Of course I’ve got the Walt Disney World Marathon coming up, and my Akron team is in the process of assembling.  Team Princess might make a resurgence and there is a definitive hold on the calendar for Rock N Roll DC.  There are some races that I’m sort of waffling on and one race that is definitely off the table – The Princess Half Marathon.  Here’s a rundown of what I’m currently registered for that is actually happening:

  •  Walt Disney World Marathon
  • Castaway Cay 5K
  • Rock N Roll DC Marathon (sorry MB)
  • Pike Peek 10K
  • Pittsburgh Marathon Relay
  • Ragnar DC
  • Akron Marathon Relay (or half marathon TBD)
  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon
  • Fairfax Four Miler
  • …plus I’m sure some other local races with my running besties


Aside from racing, I’ve got some goals for actual RUNNING.   After completing almost 4 marathons, I think it’s time to focus on some new goals.  I know I can complete 26.2 – what else can I do?  Usually my big goals come from me saying I would never ever do X.  In that spirit, here are few things I have rattling around in my skull that I have forcefully, ardently said I would never ever do that might occur in 2015:

Ultra Marathoning – when I found out what an ultra-marathon was I immediately was like yeah, no. I will never do that.  Now that I’ve run 2 back to back marathons and have trained kind of on a whim for my 4th one (outcome TBD) I’ve been wondering – huh.  What’s another 6 miles?  I’ve got my eye on two 50K races in the spring and I’ve put a bug in the ear of my ultra-hero to talk about what’s realistic and what’s not given my fitness, time commitments and just general attitude.  After that, I should probably tell MB during an Ancient Aliens episode which will ensure he won’t be listening and I can go ahead with my maybe plan.

Run a 2:10 (or faster) half marathonmy half marathon PR is 2:21 which I ran almost 2 years ago during RnR DC.  At the time it was literally an accident.  I hadn’t meant to run my best half marathon ever.  I was just focused on not dying {MB was away at training, and Brandon, my emergency contact for the weekend, was not interested in body identification duty} and having fun.  Boy did I!  Since that race, that kind of time is elusive.  Usually I’m undertrained, over-tired, incorrectly fueled.  In order to run minimum 2:10 I would have to average 9:55 per mile – over 13 miles.  Right now that seems quasi doable.  I need to talk to my coach, and my ultra-spirit animal and MB to see what they think.  With that goal in mind, I could probably target the Wine and Dine for my speedier goal race.  I could also try to knock it out during RnR DC and drop from the full to the half.  I’ll have a lot of support from my running besties that weekend.  It will just take a lot of planning and extra speedwork.  And a lot less liquid cheese.

 Running related goodness

Turns out there are a lot of things related to running, but that don’t actually involve races, or really running for that matter, that I want to accomplish in 2015.

RRCA Coach certification – I’m signed up for the training this spring and I’m getting my feet wet coaching the Winter Marathon program with MCRRC.  After I go through coaching I have some ideas of how I want to actually help people become runners or get better at running.

Keep getting stronger – this month really tested my limits about what it means to be a runner.  Sure I can run 20 miles.  But most of those miles are being run on weak muscles and busted up mechanics.  This year, without any big crazy goal races, I want to finally find that sweet spot of strength, cross training, speed and endurance.  I know it’s there somewhere.  I need to dig it out.

Eat to fuel – I’ve actually been working undercover on this for a while and want to get to a comfortable milestone before I give the world the low down.  Suffice to say, I think 2016 is going to be the year that I get this under control and having food work for me instead of against me.

So, what are you doing in 2015?

One thought on “2015 Calling!

  1. Steffany R. says:

    I’m doing wine and dine too!!! Legit if you want to run your sub – 2:10 half in NOLA we could so do that! If not, DC it will go down for sure! I cannot wait for another year of our journey together!!

    PS: ultra is not crazy! Hence my Pinterest!

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