2014: A Running Retrospective

My home girl Kathryn over at Dancing to Running participated a link up hosted by one Miss Zippy.  I love the structure which will keep me from rambling nonsense about running in 2014.  My racing and running were awesome this year, honestly.  It was a tough year for me emotionally, professionally and physically but running really taught me that if you’re willing to slap on a sports bra and get out there and then talk incessantly about it with you run family and your actual family everything will be fine.

Best Race Experience

Without any doubt my best experience was the Akron Marathon Relay.  #TeamFourPrincessesandaFrog were a literal lifeline for me this year — unbelievably supportive and loving.  Plus, being on the Panera blogger team was a huge bonus.


MB, Matthew and Nathan really rounded out our running Ohana on this trip.  It buoyed my heart in a serious way.


We’re already scheming for a triumphant, scooter-free return next year!

Tie for second best race experience:

Tower of Terror Ten Miler {RIP}

Hot Chocolate 15K

Run Under the Lights {I really need to do the recap :)}

Best Run

If you just looked at my times this season I think you would have to say none of them.  No PRs, no course records, nada.  But as I reflect I realize it was really about running for the joy of it {again this year}.  Maybe I don’t have serious PR chasing running in me?  Or maybe, just maybe my best year is yet to come.

All that to say, the Pittsburgh Marathon was objectively my best run.


Completing this marathon 7 days after completing the Big Sur marathon was a huge accomplishment.  I PRed that week of marathons by 45 minutes, I raised over $2,000 for team in training, I got to run with my Coach and my best pacer plus my dear friend Marcela and saw friends old and new accomplish so much that day.



The actual run part of it was also surprisingly amazing.  I ran really consistent splits and was able to trot all the way to the finish.  Also telling, I felt amazing afterward.  Yes I was tired and sore, but not OMG kill me now everyone shut up don’t talk to me awful.  After running two marathons.  I’ll take it.

Best New Piece of Gear

Hands down my Ravena 5s and my New Balance stability shoes.  I had to learn the hard way about my feet and legs and what they need to be successful.  I’m so glad I’m finally running pain free in the right rides.

Best Piece of Running Advice

Relax.  And I think I really did this year.  There was only one race I came off of disappointed and in tears — and it only happened once.  All of my races were FUN.  All caps.  I hope to take that into 2015.

Most Inspirational Runner

Oof.  This is so tough.  I’m inspired by so many people.  I’m going to say it’s a solid tie between Steff and Sarah.


Both of them bounced back strong after serious injuries.  They were both positive and REAL about the experience.  I’ve watched them, in awe, grow as runner and leaders in our community.  I’ve very very inspired by their journeys as runners and as women.

Tie for second

Nathan “Lemme See What Times You Need to Be Elite” Harvey

Coach Jeff — also recovered like a ROCK STAR this year

Krissy — homegirl keeps moving forward at lightening fast speeds

Sum Up the Year in a Few Words

Running always gives way more than it takes.

How was your year?

6 thoughts on “2014: A Running Retrospective

  1. Jeff S. says:

    Lauren – You are an AMAZING Woman & such an INSPIRATION to many! I’m blessed to have you as a FRIEND & call you my Lil’ Sis! Love ya!

  2. nlpendleton says:

    I’m honored I was tied for second place! I just re-read that race report and you couldn’t take the smile off of my face. Team Princess 1983 reunion will be so epic! xoxo

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