Race Report: Fairfax 4 Miler 2014

As you may recall, last year the Fairfax 4 Miler was the final race of my 30 races in 2013. {Side note, it feels like 1,000 years since I ran those 30 races but it was only a year ago that I finished them.}  I was so excited to run this again — I love Pacers races and MB and Mandy were going to be there to run along side me!

But my excitement quickly waned when MB came home stuffed up and with a sore throat. No matter, there was still a race to be run so we headed down to VA.  I planned to pick up my packet again this less than an hour before the race since last year was so easy breezy that we even stopped for some pics.  This year the photo booth was outside {so cold!!} and the little buidling where the packet pick up was MOBBED without any signage or people to direct us.  We found the bib pick up finally and then headed over to get our sweatshirts — my favorite part! — only to find out from the snippy volunteer or employee that Pacers had run out of our size, the mediums, already and would mail us our sweatshirt in 2 weeks.

Uhhhh.  After the mob scene and disorganized packet pick up the least you could have done, Pacers, was make sure that there were enough sweatshirts.  Annoyed, I headed back to the Pacers store with MB in tow to wait for Mandy.


After Mandy arrived we stayed inside until the very last minute and then lined up for the run.  I will say that the only thing Pacers managed to not screw up was the course.  It’s a fun, challenging run through George Mason’s main campus.  Hilly and dark, it feels technical and tough but 4 miles is completely doable.  Although I didn’t PR {which is weird because we def hit a few serious sub 10 miles — I guess I was in beast mode last year??} Mandy and I had a great run.


We finished up strong, collected MB from Panera and headed out to Guapos to ring out 2014 in style.  With guac and endless chips, natch.


glad you weren’t outside the whole time!

Mandy was recently brought on to the Nuun Team so we had some fun with her tabs and our frozen fruity margs.


#sponsored athelete

Overall, I was really really disappointed with the how logistics were handled for this race.  It was really surprising because Pacers is usually organized and kind, which was definitely missing on Wednesday night.

Did you ring in the new year with miles?

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