Five Things Friday: Go Time Edition

As you’ve read this week, before a marathon, I wake up in a Hunger Games-esque panic.  This dread usually starts setting in Thursday or Friday.  While MB would argue that my stress level is on the rise {I might have screamed at him last night for not sitting down in the right chair at the dinner table…} this is the calmest I have ever, ever felt before a little 26.2 mile run.  At this point I think most would assume it’s because this is not my first rodeo.  The truth is, I think, because I’m about to leave to be surrounded by some of the people I love most in the whole world, in a place I absolutely adore, doing something I feel so lucky to do.  So here are five things I’m giddy with anticipation about.

Or maybe I truly have gone crazy….?  Your call — let’s go.

1.  My running Ohana is on the ground.  Save for just a few people {I’m looking at you Steff and Chelsea} Team4PsandaF are back in town.  Add to that my girl Mandy, my homeboy Nathan, Patrick {and his birthday that we are celebrating TONIGHT!}, Krissy, Ashley, Amelia, Danielle — the list is literally endless.  Being around positive, talented loving people right before you’re about to run 5 hours plus makes all the difference.  Probably the huge difference between Pittsburgh and Big Sur.

2.  MB!!!  Dude, I really can’t say enough how awesome MB is at race weekends.  He stays so unbelievably calm, pretends he doesn’t care that I do so much screaming, crying, rolling, going to be at 7 PM, eating only carbs.  He stands in all weather to watch me finish and feigns pride even after all these races.  He is such a keeper.

3.  Disney World.  Enough said.

4.  I am in marathon shape.  Last weekend, I took my training team on their 16 mile run.  My coach was not so thrilled about it.

But it went amazing.  I didn’t set any world records but I felt strong and in control.  I took is way easy this week, rolled and stretched. I finally feel like I’m in marathon shape.  I’m ready for this one.

5.  Hilary.   Ten years ago, when I drunkenly informed Hilary that we would be best friends forever in a shady McDonalds in downtown DC, I never in 1 million years thought we would be running her first marathon together in Disney World.  Never.  But, like everything in my life, I could not be more thrilled that this how it worked out.  Hilary, you are amazing, beautiful and I am already so proud of you.  The thought of crossing that finish line with you hand in hand has kept me going through some weird, hard training runs this cycle.  And your friendship has truly delivered me through even weirder, harder and wonderful things in my life.  I have a few surprises for you this weekend.  I can’t wait.  Love you girl!


What are you doing this weekend?  Me?  I’m running a marathon with my best friends.

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