The Paul Ryan Curse: The Beginning

Alternatively titled:  The Disastrous {and ultimately fun} WDW Marathon 2015

Here’s the deal.  I’m not a superstitious person in my normal everyday life.  I would say I’m a little stitious.  I walk under ladders, tempt black cats in my path, step on cracks and pick up heads up AND down pennies.  But when it comes to running, oh man, I’m the superest of the superdeeduper stitious.  Here are the things I WILL NOT do before a race:

  1. I will NOT wear the race shirt.  It did it once and I got heat stroke at mile 15.5
  2. I will NOT thank people on Twitter before the race for being awesome.  See reason in #1.
  3. If I wore something on my arm for the last race and it went well, you better believe I wear it for every single race after.  Hence why I run with about 5 million bracelets, my watch, my Road ID, you get it.
  4. I will NOT sing before the national anthem is sung.  Then all bets are off, I”m the singiest.

Add now, to this list, seeing Paul Ryan before a major race.


oh it was, Eric.  It really really was.

Let me back up.  MB and I were well on our way to a winning first day in WDW pre marathon.  We had dinner plans with Patrick and Hilary, our flight was nicely timed for not too early a wake up and the skies in DC were sunny and clear.

Then shit started to get real.

Our Super Shuttle {the only thing super about it really, as it it turns out is how super awful they are at getting you to the airport.  THEY HAVE ONE JOB!} was late and then had to literally pick up everyone in the District ever.  We got to the airport with 90 minutes to spare and the nice guy checking our luggage was like, don’t sweat it your flight is delayed two hours.

Uhh, what?

FINE.  MB and I took ourselves to Legal Seafoods and that’s when it happened.  Then, the curse fell upon us in full force.



And now a closer look at the curser himself.


Politics aside, I hate Paul Ryan because he LIED about his marathon time.  How in God’s name, Paul, did you think that anyone would vote for someone who couldn’t remember their marathon time and then wasn’t even smart enough to I don’t know, Google a time that makes sense and wasn’t an elite marathon time BEFORE lying about it in public?  You DID think that and therefore I don’t want you anywhere near me before a marathon.  NOR want you to be Vice President.  Priorities.

Also, this.


I didn’t think a lot of it {other than to tell everyone I met that we saw his dumb face} until we went through security and our flight was delayed by another hour, completely ruining our evening plans.  I thought that maybe the dumb Super Shuttle and the first delay was just a a coincidence.  But unfortunately….

Are you a superstitious runner?

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