The Paul Ryan Curse: Day 2

Previously on the Paul Ryan Curse

The Beginning


Alternatively titled — the marathon expo and cheering the half marathon

Hilary and I reunited after her multiple hour dinner with Patrick at the California Grill in front of the Grand Floridian.  Matt, Hilary’s husband, also arrived on the scene and we hit the hay.  I was up early to cheer for the half marathon.  Good GOD was it cold.  I felt the pain — albeit shortly — of my friends who had been standing the subartic early morning hours for the last two days.

10914829_10204721902281848_3924253475540021744_o (1)

on the back of my Run Friend poster was Katinka’s poster from MCM.  I used it 90% of the time and people LOVED it.

First to come through was Nathan who you know is trying to figure out how to go elite.

Then it was Patrick, who was celebrating his birthday by running a half marathon as part of the Dopey Challenge, so you know not even close to half ways done with his 48.6 miles.  As any good friend would do, I had procured a berry flavored, ginormous cupcake that I promptly helped him devour right there at mile 7 on the course.


Next through was Coach Jeff, another Dopey Challenger — looking strong and love love loving the cold weather.



This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.  Ohana means family and family means that no one gets left behind.

Next was Matthew who ran Goofy — I didn’t get any pictures but rumor has it that he was happy I literally ran out onto the course to make sure he got his hug.

Then I was looking out for Mandy, also running Dopey.  I was afraid I had missed her.  Nah, she was just stopping for all the pictures having all the fun.  The way she handled Dopey is exactly how you’re supposed to do it.

10926773_10204721905001916_3630081572846148433_o 10923692_10204721905121919_2891250846635782508_o

After I saw Mandy, my hands were FROZEN.  I headed back to the room and after a quick shower and breakfast with Hilary and Matthew we headed out to the expo — but not before a picture with Richard, my favorite part of Walt Disney World.


for more on Richard

And then the Paul Ryan curse started again in full force.  Hilary was not feeling well and she was not feeling better after a good night’s sleep.  Then the runDisney bus took about an hour to get to us.


the boys are PSYCHED we are on the bus and he was PUMPING some sweet jams

After the long wait we finally made it to the surprisingly busy expo.  We waited in line for about 45 minutes for Hilary’s bib.  The expo floor was very busy and we enjoyed looking at all the booths.  Then I heard my name.

10868240_10204721905961940_1278972155223190894_n 10472158_10204721905921939_2801096159029349787_o

SARAH!!  And she was with Coach Jeff.  We caught up quickly and then let MB take the worst picture of us ever.  I was pretty sure that my friends had helped to break the Paul Ryan curse, at least for the afternoon.

No matter, it was time to get off of our feet and get Hilary a nap so we headed back.

After a quick snooze MB and I headed for high tea at the Garden View Tea room at the Grand Floridian.  Tea was beautiful, tasty and fun {I will definetly share more about this later}.  The best part was FINALLY meeting Megan of Elbowglitter fame in the flesh.  And it was her birthday — WIN!


man, she is pretty!

Finally we had dinner with Hilary and Matthew. A very early dinner so we could get to bed.  The Paul Ryan curse struck again.  Hilary and I both had the pasta dish which did not sit well in either of our tummies.  And Hilary was looking a little worse for wear despite her solid nap.  We hit up a drink in the Minzer’s Lounge and coerced the boys into putting us to bed around 8:30.  Only to be kept up by the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom and the music from the Lagoon light parade….. great.

So while today wasn’t awful {seeing awesome friends, having a great time with MB} the Paul Ryan curse was there — and I could literally feel it.  MB gave me a smooch and told me to calm down.  Tomorrow would be fine.

I knew differently.

Have you ever been cursed by lying politicians?

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