The Paul Ryan Curse: 19 Miles of Fun

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Well, now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, I am so happy to get to the best part of the WDW weekend, other than being reunited with Hilary.  As Hilary was making the decision to listen to her body, I was texting with my other running besties letting them know what was going on. I felt especially crappy to tell Mandy we wouldn’t be there for the start.  But I let her know I would be there for her right before mile 8.

When Mandy rolled by, I was ready to get this girl through this marathon.  And have a TON of fun.


let’s go

First, we headed to the WDW Speedway.  This part of the course was way more fun than I expected.  Like in Disney Land, the owners of custom, vintage cars turned out around the Speedway, to cheer us on.  It was so inspiring.  We hit mile 9 and headed out, on our way to Animal Kingdom.  Our first character stop was the group of Villians.  I was so thrilled to see Jafar out.  And needless to say, Cruella really really liked Mandy’s Sully leg warmers.


Then we ran past the WDW water treatment plant on Bear Way.


love me some Country Bears!

On our way around, my excitement was exceeded by seeing the good guys from Robin Hood!  You NEVER EVER see them!


I’m pretty sure I scared them.

Then we started to into Animal Kingdom.  All the way, Mandy and I chat chat chatted about the weather, the run, our Jamberry nail wraps, family, everything.


pretty happy about Jimeny Cricket.   Please excuse my weird stance.

One of our favorite parts was seeing all the animals around the course while we pulled into the Kingdom. We stopped for a few pics, natch, but there were so many animals we didn’t stop for like the goat, which I yelled at.


the pig was way more interested in the treat than us, which is inconceivable


so excited about the owl pic apparently.

Then we turned and headed into the Animal Kingdom for real.  Right around the turn going into Asia I spotted Thumper!  I shrieked with glee and nearly bowled over 80 people to get in line for the picture.


i mean, how cute is this?!

Then we got in line for the thing I was looking forward to the most:  Riding Everest during the marathon.  For those of us taking our time or starting in a later corral, the parks are open, so we’re able to take advantage of anything in the park, including food, drinks and the rides.  And Everest was high on our list.


As it turns out Mandy is not as excited about roller coasters as I am but let’s be real, as in everything Mandy was a really good sport and we had so much fun.


I swear she had fun

Next were were out of the Kingdom and onto ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Mandy was still feeling great and this is when it started to sprinkle.  The rain, although I hate running in the rain, was pretty refreshing.  We motored down the long stretches to WWOS passing runners who were on their way back, which is always a little tough mentally.

We pulled into the World and really enjoyed the green scenery, the normal bathrooms and fun music.  We took some more walking breaks here and also asked some parents watching their kids play soccer if they had any sodas.  They donated a diet Mountain Dew which Mandy and I gladly split.  runDisney also handed out wet, cool towels in this stretch which are always welcome.

We high tailed it out of WWOS and back toward Hollywood Studios.  This was when I heard from Hilary that she was on her way to the hospital {eek!} because she was majorly dehydrated and not feeling better.  I asked her to keep me and MB in the loop.  My heart ached for her and I wanted to run strong for her, as I know she would do to me.

We pulled into Hollywood Studios and ran my favorite parts of the Tower of Terror 10 Miler {may it rest in peace} — through the back lot, past animation where volunteers were handing out candy.  YUMMMM.  We turned the corners and got one last look at the hat in tact.


{rest in peace hat.  so many people hated you.  I had no strong feelings}

On our way out we finally saw Sully and Mike — Mandy’s marathon inspiration.  They were PUMPED to see us.  I took the opportunity to sit down.


I am such a weirdo.  I’m so lukcy to have any friends at all

We did a lot of giggling about Mike’s arms — he wasn’t overly mobile, poor dear.

We flew through the front of the Stuiods and out onto my favorite part of the Wine and Dine Half marathon — on to the Boardwalk, and into the back end of EPCOT.  As we came barreling through we came upon the Princesses AND MARCIA BARTON {not pictured}


Mandy apologized for our smells.  I should have been apologizing for my poses.

And then we saw Aladdin.


After this pic, Mandy only had two miles left to go.  She had run 46.8 miles.  I was so proud of her I could burst.



As we came around the World Showcase through China, Norway, Mexico we started making plans to meet up.  I knew that as soon as I saw the geodesic it would be time to say goodbye.  I told Mandy what I hoped was 790 times how proud I am of her, that I loved her, that we would eat ice cream later. Mid planning we saw DUFFY!  THE MONEY MAKING BEAR!


And then it was over.

I pulled over, much to the surprise of the spectators and started walking toward the entrance where MB was with my flip flops and change of clothes.  When I found MB I started sobbing again.  Running 19 miles is really no joke and it messes with your emotions just a bit.  I had so many feels — I felt awful that Hilary went from missing the marathon to being in the hospital, I was so excited for Mandy and all my friends that that part was over, I was proud of my 19 miles of fun, I felt awful that MB had to stand at another finish line without the satisfaction of seeing a finish.


No matter, we had a kitchen sink to eat.  We made our way to the buses {I had to sit down a few times, it had gotten hot and humid and I was a bit woozy}.  We finally got on our way to our reservation for burgers and ice cream and celebrating Patrick’s birthday and everyone’s accomplishment.


happy birthday friend.  pass me the ice cream

And just like that, marathon weekend was over.  Here are a few things I take away from this weird, upsetting, fun weekend:

  1. Friends are more important than medals.  All my favorite memories involve the people and I would not trade those moments for the world.
  2. Oiselle is awesome.  My outfit was all Oiselle.  It was comfortable, breathable and went from rain to humidity with ease.  I was so happy with my choices.
  3. Humanity has promise.  When we rolled up to the tent that morning, I was weary.  I expected runDisney to be tough to deal with and unsympathetic.  They could not have been more wonderful to Hilary which made me want to jump into their arms and ask them to move in with me.  Dave dropped our medals to the Grand around 5 PM with a sweet note to keep in touch.  FEELS!
  4. MB is amazing.  Again, he stood in the rain, the heat, helped me hobble, ate ice cream just for me.  He’s my favorite.
  5. Always go to the doctor when you’re feeling sick before a big race.  And get your flu shot 🙂

The mos important point is the first one.  The curse, I think, with their help, was officially reversed.  TAKE THAT PAUL RYAN!

8 thoughts on “The Paul Ryan Curse: 19 Miles of Fun

  1. hcook says:

    Seeing this part of the story makes me smile so big. It’s tough to see what I missed but makes me so damn proud of you and Mandy and Patrick and the entire running community. What a great weekend for runners (most of us anyway). I would like to note that neither of my flu strains were covered by the flu shot. But you really should hit up the Dr. IMMEDIATELY the week of your race when you start to feel bad. aaaanddddd…now can we start planning for next year?!

  2. The Happy Pharmacist says:

    1) The picture with Mike and Sully– PRICELESS. I’d like a tutorial on how to make those leg warmers. 2) YES! Get your flu shots people!! 3) Just curious– does the stopping/starting to take pics/do other things ever mess with you? I feel like I’d have a hard time getting started again. 4) You’re all awesome, Hilary especially. If it weren’t for the stomach bug she would have killed it.

    • lnrbailey says:

      Mandy will be happy to point you to where she bought them on amazon. she’s a big fan. This is the first time I’ve EVER stopped to take pictures on the course. We honestly only ever waited about 3 minutes (the villains had the longest line). It’s kind of like the run/walk method just exaggerated 🙂 We also weren’t running our run sections at break neck speed so that made the transitions a little easier.

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