Race Report: Love the Run You’re With 5K

Yesterday, MB and I headed to Arlington, one of our favorite places on the whole planet, for the Love the Run You’re with 5K, a Pacer’s Running joint.  The 5K was supes exciting for a myriad of reasons — it was Megan’s third 5K and we had a PR to beat, Mandy was there and SHE had a PR to beat, Jaime was there and she’s just awesome and we were having brunch at Liberty Tavern afterward which is always motivation for me to do just about anything.

Also of note, I got to wear my tutu from the Wine and Dine Half marathon and we took a bunch of really boss pictures wherein everyone looked pretty adorable.


The four of us started the race together and then Mandy took off for her ridiculous PR of 27:something.  The only thing I have to say to that is I’ll have what she’s having.


Oh you know, just cruising down the hill.

Megan, Jaime and I ran walked the 5K, it’s monster hills and all, for a nearly 1 minute PR!  WIN!

I have to say, the real point of this race was to get Megan that PR.  She’s so close to her next time goal, it’s only a matter of time!  Most exciting — we are running her first 10K together in a few weeks!  There is literally nothing more exciting than having someone you absolutely adore get into running.  It’s the ultimate combo of things I love.

 Afterwards we met up with MB, who had camped out in the Starbucks the whole time and proceeded to brunch.  It was so delicious that I have no pictures of it.  What I do have pictures of is Mandy and I in our matching socks.


Love the Run You’re With is a favorite of mine.  It harkens back to my 30 races, MB and I ran this together in 2013, and they give a cute cuddly blanket with a monkey on it instead of t shirt.  These blankies have been amazing for traveling on airplanes and in the car to other races.  Pacers has completely redeemed itself after the Fairfax Four Miler fiasco and I can’t wait for the St. Patrick’s Day Double Leap in a few weeks.


After the race, I still had some fast in my legs so I busted out a final, fast {not as fast as Mandy but I had eaten half a brunch pizza so ease off} 3 miler in the gorgeous spring-like weather.


And then I ate two cheese enchiladas and went to bed at 8:30.  The race was a fantastic way to top off a great weekend of reunions with old and dear friends.  I kind of can’t stand that it’s over.

How was your weekend?

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