Race Report: Castaway Cay 5K

I’m getting all caught up on my race reports.  I’ll be back soon to explain what in the world I’m doing with my running life soon, proms!

Signging up to go on the Disney Cruise after the marathon weekend was a super good idea.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks that because now runDisney offers a challenge, where in if you run during marathon weekend, sign up through rD and then run at Castaway Cay, you get a super special challenge medal.  I knew nothing of this when we booked our trip way way back in August, but whatever.  We still enjoyed our Castaway Cay 5K experience, sans special medals {and 5 AM wake up call thank you very much}


The morning of the race, MB and I got up, grabbed some breakfast and then headed to the meet up location on board the ship, with our tickets in hand.  We got our numbers and were briefed on the course.

10955732_10204784865815897_6000199077214390412_o 10629434_10204784865735895_8556779795029588976_o 1965453_10204784865695894_8941587573231069871_o

Then in true runDisney fashion we walked the 7000 miles to the start line.  The main difference is it was around 10 AM when we started, in full sun with 10000% humidity.  We decided this would be a fun run if we ever went on one.

10847529_10204784866855923_199244907328826367_o 10608377_10204784866775921_9068861222995815056_o

We beasted the first mile down the airstrip, and then turned right past the private cabanas.


I caught up with MB and then we started run walking together to avoid a heat situation.  We came back around and turned onto the island’s bike trail which was gorgeous, just super sunny.


I was getting pretty sick of being in the sun so we kicked it up a notch and rounded the bike path for the finish.  At the finish was my main man Dollar Dino, the homie who calls bingo on the ship.


We were a little more than happy that that was over.

10903811_10204784869495989_7072360101882400373_o 10320897_10204784869375986_2591733638914763185_o 10940570_10204784869575991_7055350556947286345_n

The Castaway Cay 5K is awesome sauce.  If you don’t do it through runDisney it’s totes free.  They’ve upgraded the medals significantly the the course gives you a nice little tour of the adult-friendly portion of the island.  There were plenty of places to get ice cold water and they handed out cups before hand that you could carry with you so you didn’t fall out.  When we cruise again, we’ll definitely be doing the race.

After the race excitement, we headed back to the island for naps in hammocks, frothy, fruity drinks and snorkeling.  We skipped biking.


Have you ever run an island 5K?

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