My Ten Favorite Things About Our Disney Cruise

After we got through the horrifying yet lovely weekend of the marathon we were off on Monday morning for our first every Disney cruise.  Rather than bore you to DEATH with every single minute {which I could, I promise} I’m going to give you the ten highlights from our trip.  tl;dr:  we LOVED THIS VACATION.  We’ve been on a few hundred vacations and this was the best one we’ve ever ever been on.

Without further adieu, my ten favorite things from the Disney Cruise.

10931704_10204784880896274_6695667427630289896_o 1909450_10204784875856148_3678010090588647790_o

1.  The Disney Dream — The Dream is the largest of the Disney cruise ships.  It is one of the grandest places I’ve ever been in my whole life.


MB in the main foyer of the Dream

2.  We accidentally took a white stretch limo to the port from the Grand Floridian.  Per everything that went on that weekend, our Happy Limo reservation got royally screwed up.  As I’m yelling on the phone to the Happy Limo people, up pulls a full white stretch limo.  It was so ridiculous.  It was the best way to start our vacation.


3.  The food was delicious and plentiful.  MB and I were never, ever hungry on this trip.  There were 6 restaurants, multiple quick service places to eat including pizza and burgers, self serve ice cream, soda fountains, room service — almost all of it included in the price of our cruise.  We ate at all three of the restaurants in the rotational dining.  We also ate at Palo, one of the adult only restaurants for brunch and Cabanas, our fav place for breakfast.  All of the food options were all you cared to eat.  We could have whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it.

10931588_10204784861015777_6623467563345269411_o 10955678_10204784862935825_1162768129420037996_o

brunch at Palo


dinner at the Animators Palate — my favorite of the rotational dinners

3. There were approximately 1,000,000,000 activities to do on the ship.  Every evening we would get a schedule for the next day.  And every evening I would exclaim THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE CAN DO EVERYTHING ON THIS SHIP.  There was bingo, there were early-run Disney movies, there were Broadway caliber shows, there were tours, there were games, there were Princesses, there were characters to meet, there were fireworks.  I’m not the kind of broad that gets overwhelmed, especially on vacation, but if you are, take a sharpie and be discerning.  You could spend your whole vacation running hither and tither.  MB and I managed to strike an excellent balance of relaxing and playing.


4.  The workout options were amazing.  One of my main concerns with all the food everywhere was gaining about 7,000 pounds while we were away.  While I did come back a couple of lbs heavier than when I left, I know for a fact it would have been a lot worse were it not for the {mostly} free workout options on the ship.  MB and I did a workout everyday including the free options like spin class and the 5K, as well as the class that we paid a nominal fee for {body sculpt} but that came with a health assessment.  MB and I also walked around the ship A LOT and I made him take the stairs every time we needed to go up {usually from the 3rd level where everything was} to our room {on the seventh level} or even further {to the pool, restraunts or gym} on levels 10 and 11.  There were also plenty of active activities that we didn’t get to like yoga on the beach at Castaway Cay and the wake up and stretch class at the front of the ship every morning.  This was one of my favorite parts of the voyage.


snorkeling is a work out for real

5.  Pirate Night!  On our last night on the ship, we got gussied up in our pirate garb and headed out on a Pirate adventure.  Captain Jack, Mickey and all his pals were on hand in their pirate outfits and taught us how to be pirates.  There were also Pirate themed activities, a Pirate themed buffet {finally some Mexican food!} after our Pirate themed dinner, a dance party and our favorite, fireworks at sea.  Disney is the only cruise line in the world that is allowed to do fireworks at sea, obvs.  It was truly magical.  MB’s favorite part of Pirate night was the bandannas that they gave us in our rooms to prepare.  This went great with MB’s pirate Mickey ears.

10869671_10204784878336210_8545145763324359801_o 10714381_10204784876776171_888693141936473894_o

6.  Our room was boss.  MB and I opted for the state room with the veranda and man was it worth it.  As it turns out, I get sea sick {?} so having the option to be able to look at the horizon was amazing.  It was a perfect place to sit while were in port and watch everyone mill about or to hang out while we were in between an awesome time.  If you’re cruising I HIGHLY recommend this room option.


not a bad view at all 

7.  The service was exceptional, even by Disney standards.  One of the reasons that we picked Disney for our first cruise, and the main reason we do so much Disney, is that we know we are going to get exactly what we paid for, especially in service.  Disney Cruise lines really out does the Disney standard of service on the voyage.  We had a room concierge who was always around, getting us whatever we needed and just being generally awesome.  We had our own dining staff that went with us for meals and by the end anticipated our every want, and literally EVERYONE we encountered on cast was helpful, friendly and made our trip even that more magical.  After this trip I have even less interest in doing vacations that are not Disney — even given the hubub about MB maybe not being able to sail {more on that later}


a towel animal gets me every time

8.  Castaway Cay was awesome.  The island {Cay is pronounced Key btdubs} was literally like a floating version of the water parks in Disney World, replete with slides, trams and an adult only portion.  When we go again, we are definitely going to rent a full service cabana so that we have reserved hammocks for napping.  Again, on the island, there was so much to do there was no way we could get to it all.  We did have time for our snorkeling, pictured above, but not enough time for our biking {which we forwent because of the 5K earlier that day}.  There was also a tour, a bar with happy hour, kayaks, beach buggies, a water slide, shopping, yoga — we couldn’t get to it all.  It was definitely one of my favorite parts.


Mount Rustmore

9.  The Aqua Duck.  I would be lying if I said that one of the main reasons we picked this cruise was NOT the huge on board water slide.  We must have ridden that thing 70 times in one day.  It was so much fun.  We especially liked it when the ship was sailing and the next time we go we are definitely going to try it at night.



10.  My love!  MB is one of the best people in the world. He’s a great travel companion and he is an A+ relaxer.  After the major disappointment of the marathon, spending 5 uninterrupted, tech free days with him on a big ocean liner was just what the doctor ordered.  He is the best.  He also booked our next Disney cruise, set for November, on board which makes him even more amazing in my book.

10952907_10204784875976151_6310097436862313455_o 10923685_10204784878216207_8742289893991895831_o

What is your all time best vacation ever?

3 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Things About Our Disney Cruise

  1. wxman0 says:

    Great list. I opted to bore everyone with details but ultimately I did it for my benefit to help me remember years from now.

    How great are the fireworks? I’ve seen plenty of them but there is something about seeing them out at sea over the side of a ship with music in the background.

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