Four Reasons I Love ClassPass

Alternatively titled, In Defense of ClassPass

I’ve been waiting impatiently to write my review of ClassPass for about 3.75 weeks — pretty much as soon as I got it and started using it.  For those of you that don’t know, ClassPass allows you to take up to three classes at different workout studios in your area that are in their network.  So, I fell in love with three barre studios in the middle of nowhere which is where we live and I got to work getting stronger.

I absolutely love ClassPass.  If you want to try it out for $25 off, you can buy your membership here!

  1. ClassPass is way hooked up all over the DC area.  And there are tons of options here in Gburg, which is kind of unheard of.  I’ve said it a million times that I just really prefer to go to gym classes for strength training so this is obviously playing right into what I need.  I’ve taken a few classes {that weren’t barre} which were fine but not what I really wanted.
  2. It’s affordable.  For most of us $150-$200 to the same studio each month is asking a lot.  For just $99 I can try out different studios, teachers and classes without being locked in.
  3. The technology is awesome.  And evolving.  The app and the online scheduler are beautiful and easy to use.  I can add or cancel classes with just a few clicks or taps.  It’s easy to navigate and I swear they can read my mind.  When CP first launched there was no way to favorite your studios to come back to them – and a week later – YOU COULD.  I love when a technology company knows its customers so well it can anticipate what we want or at least what we’ve come to expect with related apps and experiences.
  4. It’s capitalism at its best.  Now before you go claiming that I’m a terrible WASPY, yuppie jerk {which I am} I fell even harder for ClassPass when I realized that it was forcing the hand of the competitors in the market in ways they didn’t have to think about before.  This article in the NYT had a bunch of people on Twitter in a snit this week.  After I read about how studio owners are having to shill harder for us to sign up for their expensive monthly passes I thought to myself – GOOD!  I want there to be competitive, fairly priced workout options in my neighborhood.  And if your studio can’t hack it in the market well… I don’t think it’s CP’s fault.  ClassPass just might have shone a bright light and helped speed up the market process.  This might be an unpopular opinion and its one I DON’T share for markets like farming for instance.  When it comes to basic services, however, this type of market force is exactly what I love about ClassPass and America.

As my very dear liberal, studio loving, can do a crow pose bestie and I discussed on the subject:

Her:  I’d rather spend more and go out of my way to support [small farmers] because there are bigger issues at stake (for me personally) that I don’t think apply in the fitness class world

Me:  exactly and i’m a little offended when people think that I should extend this type of thinking to something LIKE exercise class

Do you ClassPass?  Want to try it for $25 off?

2 thoughts on “Four Reasons I Love ClassPass

    • lnrbailey says:

      I just had an experience where a studio I LOVE and found on CP is closing next month. But a new studio just opened in my neighborhood. I think it’s more a sign of hyper saturation than it is CP 😐

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