Ultra excited!

I think it’s only fitting that on the eve of pacing my running coach in his first ultra marathon, I would celebrate my own milestone — the five year anniversary of my first half marathon. {side note:  this was run at a time before running blogs, selfies and even functional tweeting so I only have like 1 picture and it’s wretched}

But this isn’t about me.  This is the about my dear friend and coach, Jeff, who will be running his first ultra this weekend!  I am so excited to be one of many pacers and cheerers!  I also have the very important job of documenting the weekend from Jeff’s twitter handle.  Want to follow along?  Of course you do!


i don’t have a bomb sign but I WILL bring that face with me this weekend

Twitter — @JSmerc26pt2

Instagram — @JSmerc26pt2

And of course the offish hashtags:  #JeffGoesUltra for on the course action and #JeffsPitCrew for a behind the scene peek! Make sure to use the hashtags so we can send all the run love to Jeff!

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