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Did you ever have one of those months where, after every busy day, weekend or week, you say to yourself, “As soon as {insert activity here} is over, I’ll have time to do {other activity}?”  Me too!  That’s how March and April have been and without any sign of slowing down I thought I would take this opportunity {namely MB lost his credit card so we have to get new ones so I can’t download the most recent episode of Shah’s of Sunset} to get the internet {aka my Mom} caught up on what’s been going on.  Because you know nothing in the world of running has been happening so I know you are all sitting around wondering about me.

from BAA.org

I’ve been running a lot and I feel like i”m getting faster.


I wish I could say it’s because of this really intense training plan I’m following and these really calculated workouts I’ve been executing.  The reality is my legs are just moving faster.  Or my watch is busted, I don’t know.

If I had to attribute it to anything I think it’s a combination of:

  • Fueling better and being a little bit smaller.  Less of me to lug around is helpful.  The quality of fuel is probably also a big factor.  Someone should tell other runners about this.
  • Getting stronger.  I go to barre class at least twice a week.  I can actually do 5 real person push ups {not fast} and at barre class I don’t feel like I’m ALWAYS going to fall over from muscle exhaustion.  Only sometimes.
  • Running more consistently.  While I’m not on any training program per se, I am trying to get three runs in per week.  This consistency, I think, has built up some muscle memory.  My legs don’t forget what fast is.

So that’s exciting.

MB and I signed our lease on this joint for the last time!  We find out in a few months where we will move next and we are over the moon that it {most likely} won’t be anywhere in MD!  Since we are here for one more year, I finally decided to organize our closet.  Everything is on hangers. We can see all of our clothes!  I’ve never been more excited {except for that time I got new sheets.  I am so so lame}


We’re going to Disney World!!  MB has to go to training ALL SUMMER and so, as a combo, sorry I’m ruining our summer together, we’ve been really busy, happy anniversary in August we are going for a Star Wars weekend AND the last weekend of the Flower and Garden festival.  One of our dear friends is coming with us so we are going to have an epic good time.  One of the things I’m so excited about is staying around the boardwalk.  I’ll still be building up volume to start Marine Corps Marathon training so it will be critical to get my runs in while we’re away.  Having such a great loop right outside my door will make it way easier!


Speaking of Marine Corps, Mandy and I have dubbed this our Summer of Run as we prep for the marathon over the summer!  Having Mandy to train with will be really key to actually getting me to the start line this year.  Plus there are so many other wonderful friends running {Patrick!!} that weekend is really one to look forward to.  In the meantime, you can follow along as we start ramping up.


love you! mean it!

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t SQUEAL AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS about the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend being less than two weeks away.  I literally cannot wait to spend the weekend with my running Ohana, in my favorite city in the world.  PLUS! MB is running a leg of the marathon relay with me and he already agreed to let me run that one with him.  10 miles through my fav parts of the marathon course.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


So.  How have you been?

2 thoughts on “LNRB Lately

  1. ishouldrun says:

    Great post! It shows how everything can come together when you’re dedicated. And I always have my “As soon as…. I’ll have more time to….” scenarios. And they always involve school vs running. Congrats on lowering your pace!! That’s amazing progress so far out from MCM. You’ll definitely PR in October!

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