Marathons on Marathons

There was a time, not so long ago, that I was sitting in New Orleans by myself, after running the worst marathon I’ve run to date, eating nachos and talking to MB on the phone.  During our conversation I made a very drastic statement:   I think that I might be done running marathons, what am I trying to prove?  MB seemed relieved.  “So does this mean that you’re retiring from marathons?”  I paused, ate some nachos and replied, yes I think I am.

Imagine our shock when, just a few months later, I registered for not one, not two but three marathons, all within about a month of each other.  Imagine my everlasting shock when I proclaimed to MB recently that I am PUMPED about them!

Marathon 1 will be the Marine Corps Marathon. After deferring last year I wasn’t 100% sure I would grit to train during the summer in 2015 anymore than I did in 2014.  Lucky for me my dearest run friend Mandy got into MCM and agreed to train the long hot summer with me.  I’m also beyond thrilled that another BRF of mine, LV, got into the Chicago Marathon {her first marathon!!!!!!} so we are going to all run together on the weekends for the long hauls.  I see a lot of guac, margs, bagels and miles in our immediate future.  I’m so looking forward to the #SummeofRun.  Oh also, my brother from another mother, Patrick will be on hand.  It will have been almost one whole year since we’ve laid eyes on each other so, look out doughnuts of DC, you will be eaten en mass.

Marathon 2 is a race I’m looking forward to in ways that I can’t being to describe.  As you remember, Hilary wasn’t able to get her starting line healthy.  When Hilary announced that she was going to sign up for the Richmond Marathon to avenge this marathon situation from January, I really didn’t flinch when I hit register.  So, what’s better than running Hilary’s first marathon with her, in her hometown {the friendliest marathon in the U.S.}?  Why running it with Hilary AND Natalie!  I’ll be all trained up from Marine Corps so I won’t even have to go nuts.  I’m really really looking forward to this race.

And then of course, marathon 3 is the revenge marathon.  The Walt Disney World Marathon.  What makes this even better is that Team Princess 1983 is going to fully assemble for the weekend.  Natalie {and maybe Katinka} are going to run the half and then Hilary and I the full.  There is going to be so much cheering, running, dancing, hugging.  Not to mention my running Ohana will be on hand, there will be so much ice cream.  I’m so so excited.

My training for all these races is going to be long and drawn out and I literally would not have it any other way.  I’m going to use a modified version of Run Less Run Faster.  I’ve already started to build my volume and get back to the track.  My goal is to stay in love with running through sixteen weeks of initial training for MCM and then stay healthy for the remaining two.

And, to stay married.  And never to tell MB that I’m quitting marathoning.



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6 thoughts on “Marathons on Marathons

  1. ishouldrun says:

    That’s so funny. Hey, I understand how the “no more marathons” turns into back-to-back marathons. I’m running MCM and Disney this year too after telling everyone that I was done (Disney was a surprise entry from my husband yesterday!). Good luck on your summer training and doughnut hunting!

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