To Chelsea on Marathon Friday

Dear Chelsea,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you and what I wanted to tell you on the Friday before your first marathon.  There are so many stories I could relay, so many tidbits I could share.  But you don’t need them.  You really don’t.


Why?  Because you have us.  All of us behind you for all 26.2 miles.


You have done all the work, you have inspired us along the way.


We love you.  And we are already so proud of you.  Whatever awesome happens on Sunday, we will be there for you for every step but especially at the end.  I’ll be the crazy person screaming and crying and hopping.


And then we’ll do this.


And this.

You don’t need luck, because you are surrounded with love.  Have so much fun.

Oh!  And I know which legs of the marathon relay I have to run!!  So, go get’em Captain.

Run love to EVERYONE running this weekend.

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