Dear Ankle

I’m sure most of you are already over me complaining about my stupid dumb ankle.  I’m so sorry.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

My dearest ankle,

Listen, I know we’ve been through a lot.  Like that time we went for a really hot 18 mile run.  You were totally there for me.


And we’ve hike miles and miles of National Parks


We’ve gone to Disney World like 8000 times.  We normally walk about 15 miles a day there.


And we ran back to back marathons together.  Actually we’ve run 6 marathons dear ankle.


So, I get it.  We’ve logged a lot of miles together.  I can understand that you need a break, but I just don’t appreciate the way you’re going about it.


I promise to take better care if that’s what you want, or take a little break from running.  But I truly can’t do 6 or 8 weeks off from running, I just can’t.  It’s really not what I want or need.  I’ve taken off running for one week {coach and husband and Twitter imposed} and I’m already about to cut a bitch {special love to MB for maybe acting like a grumpus this past weekend and then forcing him to eat Mexican}.  I feel like we can work through this.  Just hang in there with me.

Please!  Love you!


Any other injured runners have a way to get through being off from running?

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